Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E4 – “Divas Unchained”

Total Divas Season 3 - Header

{For those who still don’t know, “Quick Hits” is a style of column that is more “stream of consciousness”-style while watching the show than a “Thoughts” recap.}

– Even Rosa Mendes is into Paige. See there’s just something about her…

– No one remembered Nattie’s birthday?! I’m sure there are fans out there that wished her a happy birthday on Twitter but her own husband forgot!? I sure hope this is all a ploy to help bolster Tyson Kidd’s new heel character because if it’s not, he’s screwed.

–  I never did think that putting something in your arm would stop you from getting pregnant. Last time I looked a women’s left arm is pretty far away from her lady business.

– Now I need a secret handshake with my lady.

– WOOOW Brie has gone into “Bitch Mode” to everyone now.

– Yeah TJ is coming off as being a major douche.

– Super Cena even drives with his hands at 10 & 2. The man is a manual of how to be annoyingly perfect.

– Well they did a pretty good job of bringing out the bitch during the intervention at least…

– Only Brie would be able to list ALL of the things that are stressing her out & then turn it into an “apologize”.

– And Rosa Mendes makes a move on a MARRIED woman. On Natalya nonetheless. Geeez.

– I really don’t blame Jey/Jon one bit. I know his struggle to get his significant other to see a damn doctor. A “present” like a stripper pole would piss the hell out of me too when the whole argument isn’t about sex but about her health!

– Natalya doesn’t want Rosa’s affection but yet constantly makes comments about the clothes that covers (or doesn’t cover) Rosa’s new boobs. I feel like Rosa’s boobs have become new characters on the show.

– Anyone that knows Nattie’s and TJ’s history knows that this is an “E” TV production and not their real lives. Those two are probably the most stable couple on the show and I just hope this helps TJ’s career in a good way.