Thoughts on Smackdown 15! 10.10.14 (Stephanie McMahon, Teddy Long, People Power!)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

Well it’s a super special Smackdown 15! I would imagine (and hope) that for this historic event they’re hyping up we see some great moments. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll certainly throw caution to the wind and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Kicking it off with Stephanie McMahon at least gives the illusion to the fans tonight that the WWE cares about this show. I love seeing her on television despite what people may think about the authority figures being shown, and you know what? I’m gonna say it. It’s best for business. I know that Stephanie has to make her husband look good, but I can’t help but think that Steph mentioning how HHH beat The Rock on the first Smackdown is a foreshadowing of the latest rumor that HHH and The Rock may have a match at the next Wrestlemania. I suppose we’ll see.

I like this meeting of the Smackdown GMs in the ring. I was a big fan of Big Johnny and PEOPLE POWER! despite most people hating it, and I don’t get how anyone can hate Teddy Long. I mean aside from the fact that he exists mostly just to make tag team matches. Obviously we needed an in ring promo to start this off because that’s how WWE rolls, and I can’t believe I’m admitting that I loved the whole silly thing. It may have just been JBL dancing to Teddy’s theme and seeming genuinely shocked he was there that made it for me, but that’s neither here nor there.

How great would it be if instead of just random people Adam Rose just came out with a slew of people dressed up like old WWE gimmick wrestlers? I think I’d like that better and at least I would be more amused when they come on screen. I mean they kind of did that with Summer Rae as the Gobbledy Gooker the one time, and one of the people in his party train on this show resembled Chuck Palumbo, but let’s really reach for the stars here. In his match news Kane destroys him and almost all of the Rosebuds but the bunny escapes. Good for you Justin Gabriel.

There was a Divas match here as well. It involved AJ Lee and Alicia Fox. While I’m a fan of both, yes even Foxy, I am not a fan of consistent repetition. She means nothing in this feud which means it’s still just AJ and Paige. I enjoy good wrestling and I do think these divas exhibit it, but it just always feels like a rerun.

I feel like we could get such a better match out of Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins, and we have! I’m also sure that we will again. Probably on Raw this week. Rollins and Kofi are so exciting to watch that I do feel lucky to get them, but not like this. Kofi isn’t a jobber for hopefully future megastars, even if he does help make them look great.

I’m undecided how I feel about Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble being the Authority’s stooges. I think I’m happy just to see them on TV and a visible part of the business, but how long until they’re in an evening gown match on Raw?

I actually kind of enjoyed the Rusev/Dolph Ziggler match. I never thought Ziggler would win, but the fameasser was nice, and so was Lana’s reaction. I still like Rusev and Lana and I think, although I must admit I didn’t love it like everybody else did because I have ~feelings about The Rock on at all, that their interaction on Raw really elevated Rusev some more. I even have a friend who was not a Rusev fan who suddenly is! So something must be going right.

Who doesn’t love a pretaped segment taking up a huge chunk of time on a show huh? Huh?? Obviously this really is setting up a possible match down the road, and it was entertaining but I don’t think it’s right to do this on a very special Smackdown when you should be showcasing how good the show is.
I appreciate getting…some of these wrestlers on TV for a match, but a 15 man tag is such a clusterfuck.
It’s also pretty confusing because I’m not really sure what side of the good/bad coin Mark Henry is playing right now so mostly I was just waiting for him to rip Bo Dallas’s head off. Keeping the crowd happy is smart, so they go with the good guy winners (Usos, Mark Henry, Los Matadores and El Torito, Sheamus) even if the biggest reaction was probably for Cesaro’s swing. I actually enjoyed the ending, which was pretty ridiculous. If you can’t enjoy an inspirational person giving a razor’s edge to a bull on a moshpit of people outside the ring, you’re not enjoying life is my motto. The crowd was obviously upset Mizdow got pinned, but Teddy’s dancing saves the happiness. What can’t dancing do?

I wouldn’t ever suggest ending a “big” show with Miz TV, but it involves Dean Ambrose so that’s one positive. A negative is that it seems Mizdow wasn’t available after the 15 man tag from earlier. Bummer. Since it’s now official that Ambrose and Cena are fighting at Hell in a Cell for the chance to fight Rollins in a “contract on a pole match” then I can officially tell you I hate that idea. This segment wasn’t bad though. It was obviously Cena’s chance to get back at Ambrose for Monday’s dirty deeds attack, but I still don’t think that Dean looked weak. They’re going to be exchanging who looks strong back and forth the next two weeks I’d imagine so we’ll see Ambrose on top again. I don’t think Cena should win the match at the “Special Event” and I’m not sure that he will. I truly believe that everybody watching would get the best match out of Rollins and Ambrose in the cage. It would be a hell of a show.

Overall I’d actually say I did not hate this Smackdown! It was vignette heavy, but I actually really enjoyed the glimpses at Smackdown events of the past, and since it was a tribute show they were to be expected. I even felt a great deal of nostalgia for the introduction of John Cena which disturbed me to my very core. I think it could have been a stronger tribute show as we all know Raw would have some nice surprises that weren’t just a backstage segment with The Rock, but as always we have to remember that Smackdown is the B show. Questions or comments? Let me know!