Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E5 – “Scared Straight”

Total Divas Season 3 - Header

{For those who still don’t know, “Quick Hits” is a style of column that is more “stream of consciousness”-style while watching the show than a “Thoughts” recap.}

– Brie and Nikki just had to look up if a seal is a fish… yup. Best part of that scene was Nikki’s “dress”.

– I like how Brie & Bryan called out John Cena as being a superhuman freak for being able to recover from injuries so quickly. I understand why Bryan might try acupuncture when his injury is nerve based. It’s going to take time, with or without surgery.

– I can’t believe I’m saying this but Nikki is making great points. We saw something similar when Kurt Angle chose a different type of surgery instead of neck fusion surgery. Kurt ended up addicted to painkillers and alcohol. I don’t really see that happening to Bryan but you never know.

– Ahhhh the waiter calling Bryan and Brie “ladies” because of his hair. Priceless.

– My wife and I have had similar conversations about guns. I’m completely against guns in the house when you have a lot of other options. My wife is against guns because she thinks I’ll shoot myself in my foot.

– Good God the WWE doctor is very, very good at his job. Hearing what the doctor had to say and how quickly Bryan will be healed with a simple surgery! Now it’s definitely about Bryan being stubborn. It’s almost like he’s enjoying this break a little.