In-Person Thoughts On The WWE Royal Rumble & A Very Odd Start To 2015

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It’s a damn shame really.

If it was only a year earlier, Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble would’ve been a big deal. Forget Batista winning the 2014 Royal Rumble, the audience was willing to accept Reigns as the winner since Daniel Bryan wasn’t even in the 30-man match. Fast-forward 12 months and the complete opposite is true.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The WWE Gets The Rumble Wrong Again

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Hello everyone. I had every intention to come out with this piece on Monday. Unfortunately, a stomach bug knocked me out for all of Monday and I used yesterday to catch up on things. So I know I’m a couple days late with the complaining about the Royal Rumble, but here are my thoughts.

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The Dudley Boys To Return At The Royal Rumble?

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It seems as if the┬ástars have finally lined up for a Dudley Boys return. When Bully Ray didn’t resign with TNA last year, the rumors started circulating again about a WWE return. While there hasn’t been much interest on either side concerning a full-time in-ring return, spots as trainers down in NXT are a very distinct possibility. With this Sunday’s Royal Rumble taking place in ECW’s old stomping ground of Philadelphia, the WWE may be ready to pull the trigger on bringing in the “brothers” as surprise entrants into the Royal Rumble match.

JC’s Top Rope Report: The Top Ten Non-Rumble Matches In Royal Rumble History

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Everyone loves the Royal Rumble because of the Rumble match itself. For a lot of people, like myself, the Rumble is my favorite show of the year. And that thought is amplified this year with so much unpredictability going into the show. There really is no clear cut winner for the Rumble match, and the same could be said with the WWE Title match as well.

While the Rumble match is fun, there have also been some stellar singes/tag team matches over the year at the show. What are the Top 10? Well here are mine:

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The Wrestling Pulsecast 1.19.15 – WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Preview & Predictions

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Matt Harrak &┬áJustin Czerwonka gauge the state of the WWE as they look to the Road to WrestleMania 31 and preview this year’s WWE Royal Rumble event!

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 1.19.15

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Lesnar Fight On Free TV? Yeah Right

Brock Lesnar came out to start the show with Paul Heyman. Heyman started to do his intro but Lesnar stopped him. Lesnar said he was here to fight and told Rollins to get his ass out there. Lesnar said Rollins had 10 seconds to get his weasly ass out there. Lesnar said when he shows up, Rollins is nowhere to be found.

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