JC’s Top Rope Report: Random Thoughts On WWE Fastlane

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-There were a lot of things wrong with this show. One thing was the crowd that didn’t seem to be in to anything all night. Of course, when the first match on the show has Kane pinning Dolph Ziggler, can you really blame them? There’s absolutely no reason Kane should be pinning anyone on PPV in 2015. I don’t care if he had the help of the Big Show. The Authority would be a hell of a lot better if they had guys like Sheamus and Luke Harper in the place of Kane and Big Show. But for some reason, the WWE thinks Big Show is still a huge attraction in 2015.

-The theme of the night appeared to be awkward finishes. First there was the weird pinfall in the Goldust/Stardust match. I know they were going with the idea that Goldust didn’t want to be in there, but the pinfall just came off terrible. Then Nikki was suppose to hook the tights of Paige but either lost her grip or just didn’t do it. The ending to the IC Title match was stupid. Even the finish of the Tag Title match just didn’t seem to click. When you have so many bad finishes on one show, it’ll tend to make it bad.

-I’m a huge Sting mark. I’m not ashamed to admit it. And I’m looking forward to his match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. But at the same time, there needs to be some sort of end game involved with this match. If Sting beats Triple H at Mania, then leaves and Triple H stays in power, what was the point of Sting winning? Hell, if there is no stipulation added to the match, I would be really worried about Triple H winning at Mania. And don’t tell me that thought hasn’t crossed your mind. Vince gets to put down WCW again, Triple H gets a big win. I would hope that the WWE isn’t that stupid, but once again, you never know with this  company.

-Say what you will about John Cena over the years, but I thought he did a good job of putting Rusev over. Since last year I’ve been saying that this should be the role of John Cena going forward. That failed last year with Bray Wyatt, but that also involved a bad build then too much hocus pocus stuff afterwards. The few weeks Rusev and Cena had leading up to this match were good. Now I’m curious to see how the build to Mania goes. I’m already of the mind set that Cena is winning there, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Cena put someone over at Wrestlemania for once?

-I’m happy Bray Wyatt finally got to the point with his promos. Sure, we all knew what it was leading to. But at least we finally got there. I’m still not convinced Undertaker and Bray will put on a good match though. This match would actually interest me more if the Streak was still intact.

-The main event was the best match on the show. And as I said on the Wrestling Pulsecast, I’m just glad that the WWE is going with a one-on-one match at Wrestlemania. But here’s the problem: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar is going to backfire in the WWE’s face. It is one thing to have Daniel Bryan carry Roman Reigns to a good match. Brock Lesnar isn’t doing that. He’s capable of having good matches, but not with Roman Reigns. The WWE is going to unintentionally make Lesnar a face going into Wrestlemania.

-Roman Reigns is going to be a top guy in the WWE in the future. But right now, when you compare him to acts who received their big push in the past at Wrestlemania, he isn’t anywhere close. Steve Austin was over for a year before he won the Title. Cena was over for close to that too. Batista started gaining some traction and was put into a hot storyline, and the fans got behind him. Even if you take Reigns workrate and promo ability out of the picture, he still isn’t over anywhere near the level those guys were. If the WWE had pushed Reigns similar to how WCW did with Goldberg, they might not be in this spot. He shouldn’t be selling for anyone. Let him kick ass and plow through guys in three minutes. The WWE needs to make stars seem unique, not make them all look and sound the same. And that is what the WWE is doing with Reigns.

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