Times, They Are A Changing

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During the first 50 plus years of professional wrestling’s history in the United
States slow and steady was the norm, the expected pace. Wrestling followed the
mold of every other major professional sport as far as pacing goes. Matches were
slow, drawn out methodical dances. Feuds lasted longer than the average marriage
and all of this was ok because most people’s attention spans devoured each
moment. Just like wrestling, in the early stages of the NFL until arguably, the
mid 1980’s, running the football, playing good defense and low scores were an
every season occurrence. In the MLB before the days where the big hitters got
the big money deals and TV commercials the dead ball era, where the ball was
heavier resulting in low scoring games and teams averaging very low home run
numbers reigned supreme.

As technology advanced, allowing the masses to consume more information quicker
than ever imagined, the human thirst for faster paced, higher entertainment moves
at the speed of light. The NFL and MLB have moved on with the changing
their game to fit the times, the independents of pro wrestling have adapted and
adapted very, very well but why won’t the WWE allow themselves to fully adapt to
current times?

We as humans have the means and abilities to see, hear, read and watch what we
want, when we want at the drop of a hat. Vince McMahon and Triple H are smart men, especially Vince; they wouldn’t be where
they are in life if that wasn’t true. No one is that lucky, just ask anyone on
the Real World (even Miz). The WWE has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a
revolutionary idea in their own network broadcasting their own live broadcasts
just about anytime they want to. While the notion of the WWE not being a ‘pro
wrestling company’ anymore has been just about chiseled in stone and I suppose
we should all accept that and that’s all fine and dandy but NEWS FLASH Vince and
co. your demographic aka the people who line your pockets haven’t changed, you
just refuse to.

As great and legendary as the days of Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant were,
and I don’t say this lightly, but those days are dead. I seriously doubt Vince
needs to send out Big Show and Kane to wrestle just to make sure the crowds shit
all over it and the last six years were just a fluke. Times, they are changing,
and the WWE knows that. It’s just a matter of when they get it.

Over the past 15 years or so the wrestling world has witnessed a boom in the
amount of great talent there is, allowing small promotions like ROH, PWG, Noah
and others to be successful all the while watching their talent sign to the WWE
and TNA. The WWE, like any smart leader in sports, saw and continue to see this
success. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio lead the first wave of Indy
stars finding a home in the WWE. They continued that first act with guys that
are becoming house hold names before they have even hit the main roster.

The WWE gets that these guys are the future but this is the biggest and oldest
of all fraternities and these guys need hazing. Let’s just all hope, for our
viewing sake, the future is willing to swallow a whole bunch of crap before
being allowed to taste success.

Cam Dougharty