Quick Hits: WWE NXT 3.4.15

NXT Logo - 2012

:NXT opened with a great pre tape segment with William Regal and Alex
Riley discussing Riley wanting a match against Kevin Owens.

Adam Rose v Tyler Breeze

: Personally, I think Breeze is at the point where the WWE
should just sent him up to the main roster and see if he sticks. He’s done just
about everything he can do in NXT.

: After a typical WWE style match Rose and his stupid gimmick take the loss.

NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy v Sawyer & Dawkins

: This is my first time seeing Sawyer and Dawkins and I
was really impressed with their ring presence and ability. With that said, Blake
and Murphy are becoming a hot comity, if the WWE can just give them something a
little special and these guys can make a splash in the tag team division on the
main roster.

Baron Corbin v Tony Briggs

: Ok, we get it, Corbin can beat people in one minute. Give this guy a real feud and let’s see what he can really do.

Solomon Crowe v Bull Dempsey

: Good god I hate Bull Dempsey, I’m sorry pal but you’re no good.

: Solomon Crowe has had a lot of build to his debut, his has a great look but man that finisher wouldn’t put a Bushwacker away.
NXT Woman’s Championing: Sasha Banks v Charlotte

: A very competitive and good match between Charlotte and Sasha. If I was a Diva on the main roster I’d be very afraid and protective of my spot.

: The crowd breaks into a ‘this is wrestling’ chant as Sasha picks up the dusty finish win. I must say, these two deserve another spotlight like this on the next NXT special.

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