35-Year-Old Lucha Libre Star Perro Aguayo, Jr. Dies In The Ring

Perro Aguayo Jr

Lucha star Perro Aguayo, Jr. has died after a freak in-ring accident in Tijuana last night.

While competing in a match with former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, Manik and Xtreme Tiger, Aguayo fell onto the second rope following a dropkick from Mysterio to set-up the 619 finisher. Aguayo slumped onto the ropes and was immediately unconscious. The other wrestlers in the match didn’t realize that Aguayo wasn’t just selling the move for a few moments until Manik attempted to revive him. Aguayo again slumped awkwardly down to the mat as doctors and ringside personnel attended to him. Aguayo would be taken to the nearest hospital and pronounced dead due to what is believed to be cervical spine trauma.

Videos have been released online featuring the full match as well as the incident. They may be disturbing to watch for some so I will try my best to explain what looks to have happened.

Leading up to the moment in question, Aguayo appears fine. He executes a forward role towards Mysterio and then takes a head-scissors, to which he takes a gentle bump onto the floor. When entering back into ring, he is met with a Mysterio dropkick and falls onto the middle rope – essentially setting him up for the 619. It is here that Aguayo appears to lose consciousness as he is immediately unresponsive.

Now although NO ONE is placing blame on Rey Mysterio, Manik and Tiger for Aguayo’s death, they are coming under a ton of fire for continuing this match after realizing something was wrong. But honestly, that is completely a 20/20 reaction. No one would have suspected that a tragedy like this would happen. While the possibility of something like this is talked about a lot, it just doesn’t happen. This is a horrible, horrible accident that SHOULD have been attended to more quickly by the ringside medical personnel but that’s it. My heart goes out to Aguayo, his family, all of the men involved in this match and all of Auguao’s fans.