JC’s Top Rope Report: Wrestlemania And RAW Combined Thoughts

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Hello there everyone. Instead of giving my thoughts on Wrestlemania and then RAW, I will combine both of them into one column and go from there. I won’t be doing a regular live RAW report every Monday now. Instead, I will do some kind of quick recap/thoughts column every night or the net day, schedule permitting.

-RAW should start every week with long matches for the Intercontinental Title. If that was the goal with Daniel Bryan winning it, or at least that’s what it should be. The ladder match at Wrestlemania was good. But at this point in my life I get more fearful for these guys taking such ridiculous bumps than anything else. I’d much rather we get matches like Bryan/Ziggler from RAW.

-Sheamus as a heel is best for everyone involved. He essentially was one as a face. But, that look needs to get worked on.

-Brock Lesnar might be the greatest thing in the WWE in the last 5 years besides the YES Movement. Every time Lesnar is on TV it feels like a big deal. He just looks like a certified bad ass. And he may have become the biggest face ever by hitting the F5 on Michael Cole. Brock came off looking like such a huge star tonight and will be a huge face when he comes back. I’m so glad Lesnar is around for another 3 years. His match with Reigns at Mania and everything he did on RAW was great.

-Just Neville? Why is it so hard for wrestler to have first names nowadays?

-If the WWE can find a way to get Ronda Rousey in a match at next year’s Wrestlemania, it will be one of the best business decisions they have ever made. She’s a fan, and if it was a mixed tag with The Rock and her fighting HHH and Stephanie, then she won’t have to do a lot of work or worry about getting hurt.

-I loved Rusev’s entrance at Wrestlemania. It may be one of my favorite Wrestlemania entrances ever. It helps that Rusev’s theme along with the Russian national anthem are great songs. The match was good. It was a given Cena was going to win so I accepted it. And then we get another good match with Ambrose and Cena on RAW. Once again, if this is how they want to rehab the US and IC Titles, I’m all for it.

-Full marks to Bray Wyatt for going out at Wrestlemania and performing with an apparent sprained ankle. His match with The Undertaker was what someone once called PAW: Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling. I’m really curious to see what happens with Bray going forward. Who does he move on too?

-The main event of Wrestlemania was booked perfectly. Everyone came out of it looking great. Lesnar was still a bad ass and was never pinned. Roman Reigns looked strong in defeat, not giving up to Lesnar. And Rollins played his role as sneaky heel perfectly. Rollins deserves a long reign with the Title. He’s been the WWE’s best full time performer for the last few months and he’s done nothing but improve since The Shield broke up. I’m still shocked Seth Rollins is the first member of the group to become WWE Champ. But he absolutely deserves it.

-The most baffling booking of the weekend for me has to be Sting. First, you have Sting lose at Wrestlemania. I had mentioned on the Wrestling Radio Show that I feared this in the back of my head, especially with the way Sting had gotten the upper hand throughout the entire feud. The match wasn’t bad. Sting looked to be in great shape and the outside shenanigans were fun. But it was turned into a WCW vs WWE match, which is what Sting had just said the RAW before he wasn’t here to do. Then Sting shakes HHH’s hand after. Why? It’s not like it was Sting/Ric Flair where these guys have a storied history with one another. Then on Sting’s interview on the Network, he said absolutely nothing worthwhile. Maybe this is why Sting refused to join the WWE for all those years. It’s been a disappointing two days for Sting fans. I really hope we get a match at SummerSlam then a send off match with Undertaker at next year’s Wrestlemania.

-I thought the last hour of RAW was kind of disappointing. I liked the Divas match, but the main event six man tag left a lot to be desired. I’ll be curious to see who gets the next Title shot against Rollins. I could see a triple threat happen, but why would the Authority do that to their golden boy? The most likely to me is a match against Randy Orton.

Those are my brief thoughts on Wrestlemania and RAW. Make sure to listen to the Wrestling Radio Show this week for more!

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