JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.6.15

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-Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but you can have a boring Authority promo to start RAW without Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Sorry but Rollins just wasn’t connecting with me at all during the promo. And Big Show and Kane just suck the life out of everything they are involved in.

-Strong showing from Neville in his match with Seth Rollins. I know some people might have a problem with him losing this early in his WWE career, but he isn’t the type of character that is going to go on a long winning streak. It’s better for Neville to have a strong showing against the WWE Champ, lose, then work his way into other matches and feuds with guys on the roster and not seem out of place.

-This may be the most I’ve enjoyed John Cena in his WWE career. I’ve always defended Cena as a more than capable worker in the ring. People bash Cena and say that he can’t wrestle when the evidence in every one of his big matches says otherwise. Cena had a strong showing against Dean Ambrose last week and an even better one against Stardust this week. Once this Rusev feud is done, I would like to see Cena get into an actual program with someone rather than just having good matches every week. But Cena’s work from most of the Rusev feud going into Wrestlemania and after has been some of the best in his career. Of course, not having him shoved down our throats in the main event scene helps that.

-So RAW had no Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose or Rusev. I don’t like that Ambrose is off TV to sell a table spot from Smackdown, but he was on RAW the night after taking a bad fall through a ladder at Wrestlemania. At least have doctors coming down the ramp with him to try and stop Ambrose. But is this the sign of a possible, at least soft, brand split going forward? Do those four listed above get featured time on Smackdown and less on RAW? With Smackdown going to the USA Network in 2016, they have to make it feel like an important show. I think this might be a good start.

-And we are back to the “Who Is Bray Wyatt Talking About” promos. This character just goes in circles and circles. Eventually, the fans are just going to stop caring.

-I don’t care if it was just a quick match to set up another match down the line, giving away a Miz/Mizdow match with absolutely no promotion in a throwaway time slot on a 3 hour show is absolutely ridiculous. And the awful announcing on the show made the match even worse.

-The main event seemed way too rushed and had very little heat to it. This is what happens with three hour shows. Once it is the third or fourth time a wrestler appears on screen, the crowd just doesn’t have the same energy to see them. There was no need to have each guy wrestle in a match beforehand. Every wrestler is now over exposed because of it and the overall presentation of the product is being harmed.

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