The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: In Person Wrestlemania Thoughts

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First off my Wrestlemania experience was the last two days of my honeymoon so a big thanks to my new bride and haha again for the Rollins cash in. I knew I was in for a
hectic weekend when I couldn’t land a seat or a decent one at least to the NXT live
event. My wife and I went to the afternoon Axxess session mostly because once
again I couldn’t land a VIP ticket to any of the Superstars signings. I’ll get
more into that later. I’ve attended Summerslam Axxess in the past but what I’ve
heard, read and seen I expected a million times more excitement. The
Wrestlemania Superstore was over whelming, I had to leave before I restored into
‘kid in a candy store’ mode. Hey, that should be a t-shirt. My wife and I then
got into line about an hour before our session opened, which was accompanied by
the good ‘ol WWE network playing for us all. Overall, Wrestlemania Axxess is cool
but there are several flaws. 1. Sell out of tickets, trust me WWE fans will pay
more to experience more. 2. Instead of having fans wait 30-45 minutes for a
signature follow the NXT motto and have three Superstars per station.

Wrestlemania Sunday was here, the show was scheduled to run basically from
2:30 to 8:00 so I was by no means in a hurry to leave my hotel. I love the WWE
but good god man. I arrived to Levi’s Stadium around 1 and surprisingly found a
cash parking lot less than a mile from the stadium. I will give Levi’s Stadium a
lot of credit for being organized and very easy to get into/leave. The food and
alcohol wasn’t over priced, in my opinion, and there was plenty of walking space
and leg room in my seat.

I still haven’t watched the show back on the network but live I was taken back. I thought from start to finish the WWE put on a great show, the only thing I hated was the live music performance. Just maybe one day they’ll get a performer for their big shows that some fans care about (lots of fans made their bathroom and food runs here more than any match).

Overall going to any WWE live show is an experience in itself but when the WWE gets
Mania right it’s something memorable.

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