JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.13.15

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-Sure John Cena has been having some good matches with this Open Challenge for the United States Title. I’ve enjoyed Cena more in the last few months then I have the last few years. But when you know he is facing Rusev at Extreme Rules, it kind of makes these matches seem meaningless. Also, Cena needs to set up that springboard stunner a little quicker. The one he did against Bad News Barrett took way too long to set up.

-Once again, the WWE is going the wrong route with Roman Reigns. At least in my opinion. Reigns isn’t meant to do stupid comedy and one liners. You want to get him over, you make him a silent ass kicker. That’s why fans started backing him when he was in the Shield. And now he gets a program with Big Show, which will do absolutely nothing for his career. #BigShowRuinsEverything

-I highly doubt this is a renewed push for Fandango. I mean, I don’t think he is going to get the same reaction next week like he did in London. I’m all for rehabbing a character and giving it new life, but where do you go with Fandango?

-That Kane/Seth Rollins segment was such a huge waste of time. What the hell was the point of that? Similar to Big Show, no one wants to see Kane in a meaningful event or storyline at this point in their careers. Not only that, but it made your new WWE Champion Seth Rollins look like a chump. The segment did no favors for anyone involved with it.

-The Naomi heel turn and promo later in the show wasn’t half bad. I didn’t plan on talking about it at first, but they followed up with the promo and tied it nicely together. Naomi is right, wins and losses don’t really matter in the WWE anymore.

-So Seth Rollins bans the RKO at Extreme Rules and Orton says the match is going to be a steel cage match so the Authority can’t get in. Has Orton seen the last few steel cage matches in the WWE? There’s interference left and right. Heck that even happens in Hell In A Cell matches nowadays. Just a weak set-up especially when you know the Authority will find its way into interfering. Not that great a RAW.

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One thought on “JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.13.15

  1. I disagree regarding Kane/Rollins. Kane actually was entertaining for the first time in months. How about the pop he got when he was going to hit the tombstone. Kane needs something fresh. You talk about Reigns being a badass but Kane was much more of a badass when he was The Big Red Machine. I agree about Reigns. Let him be what Lesnar is. Lesnar doesnt tell jokes.

    I’ve watched Fandango about a dozen times since Monday. Just loved that segment. Wonder if it wil go anywhere. I dont like the Namoi heel turn just because there are no babyfaces on the women’s side besides Paige. But it was well done and Namoi’s interview actually made sense and she was right.


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