EXCLUSIVE: HTC Wrestling’s Cameron Dougharty Interviews WrestleCrate Owner Ed Allen

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I “virtually” sat down with the brains behind what surely will become a
world-wide sensation among wrestling fans of all ages, Ed Allen, and I’m
talking about WrestleCrate. If you haven’t heard Ed has done what every
wrestling fan was thinking when other blind box type companies starting popping
up. After reading this head over to WrestleCrate.com, choose a t-shirt size and
your bundle package and you’re already half way to marking out. Don’t hesitate
because launch day is April 25th & the deadline to sign up is April 19th.

Cam: First off thank you for taking the time to talk with me. My first question would be can you tell the readers a bit about yourself before we dive right in?

Ed: Thanks for having me! My name Is Ed Allen and I’m from the Cincinnati area. Beyond that I’m just an everyday guy with a love for Pro Wrestling and family. I have a background in sales and marketing with a little bit of security mixed in.

Cam: What inspired you to start WrestleCrate and for anyone reading this who doesn’t know what is WrestleCrate?

Ed: I like to say I didn’t actually start Wrestle Crate, my 7 yr old son
did! We were subscribing to a pretty popular subscription box and me and my son
were not too excited about the contents for like two months in a row. After
opening up the second months box I seen the disappointment on my sons face. He
looked at me and said “Dad, why can’t we have a wrestling crate?” A light bulb
popped up above my head, I did some research and the rest is kinda history.
It’s pretty awesome to see how he is just as excited about WrestleCrate as I am.
We watch wrestling all the time and now its cool to share this business
adventure with him.

Cam: When did you become a fan or wrestling/Your earliest and
favorite memory/experience?

Ed: I have been a wrestling fan since I was a child. My earliest wrestling related experience is when I was at the Cincinnati Colosseum for a WWF show. After the show me and my family went to the area where the wrestlers exited to try to get some autographs and to see them up close. I remember Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik walking right by me completely still in character. The shooed me and some other kids away and
exchanged some verbal jabs with the adults that were there. That memory has
always stuck with me because they were larger than life and had this presence
about them that you cannot put into words.

Cam: I am fully behind this idea and just subscribed today so without spoiling anything for anyone what should wrestling fans expect/be excited for?

Ed: I think they should expect the unexpected and that should bring the excitement. When I first started, I would go on different forums and such to read what people were saying about it. Most were excited for it and were surprised it took this long for a wrestling themed subscription box. Others were saying things like, it’s going to be nothing but
old Cena figures. I got a kick out of that. I don’t think people quite grasp
or know about the amount of wrestling related things out there that are super

Cam: Personally, I think it’s a great idea for you to try to separate
yourself from something like say Loot Crate and being very specific targeting
wrestling fans. Was that a game plan for you going into this?

Ed: Loot Crate is obviously an extremely successful company and not to knock them but if me as a subscriber isn’t into zombies, I don’t want a box of zombie stuff. With
Wrestle Crate your customers are obviously wrestling fans. Knowing that it then
comes down to keeping it fresh. On top of that I know I cant just focus on just
one promotion. I have to bring items in from all across the wrestling world and
try my hardest to have items that appeal to everyone.

Cam: Can you talk about your relationship with Mattel, Funko, Topps and the other brands contributing to this great moment for wrestling fans?

Ed: Everyone from small promotions all the way up to Mattel have been great and are totally on-board with what we are doing. I think we kind of took the larger companies like Funko and Mattel by surprise honestly. When we sent in pretty good orders to them we kind of got a “hold on… Who are you and what are you doing again””- response. Once they saw we were serious about what we were doing it has turned into a great relationship.
Not to give too much away but there is already talk of WrestleCrate exclusives
with some companies. I think that speaks volumes for the simple fact that as of
this interview we have not shipped a single box yet!

Head over to WrestleCrate.com, choose a t-shirt size and your bundle package and you’re already half-way to marking out. Don’t hesitate because launch day is April 25th & the deadline to sign up is April 19th.

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