JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.20.15

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-Hey, at least there is some kind of mid-card feud going on between wrestlers. I like the little mini program that is going on between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. Their feud actually feels like there is some bad blood between both men.

-That whole Triple H/Kane/Seth Rollins segment felt like it was twenty minutes instead of ten. You can’t get me to care about Kane in 2015. Triple H said the same thing over and over about Tough Enough. All I want to know is if Kane is the guardian of the gate (essentially a gatekeeper), then who is the Key Master?

-What the hell is going on with the Divas Division? Paige is leaving to film a movie, so of course the creative staff doesn’t think ahead and turns Naomi heel. That leaves pretty much no faces in the division. Now the Bellas are somewhat faces by default, because Naomi just turned heel? It’s a big confusing mess and the WWE has no one but themselves to blame.

-Roman Reigns vs Big Show is going to die a slow, painful death in front of the smarky crowd in Chicago at Extreme Rules. Unless it is a five minute Reigns beatdown of Big Show, nothing will work. And I feel bad for Reigns, not so much Big Show.

-And with this loss, I fear what happens next with Damien Mizdow. The guy might lose any momentum he had left with this one. We all knew it could only go on for so long, but I wish the WWE had booked this better and actually given some more substance to the story. Instead, they gave away three different Miz/Mizdow matches on TV and pretty much made the feud an afterthought.

-He may not be the best wrestler, but I really wish the WWE would firmly get behind a Ryback push. What the guy lacks as far as in ring ability goes he makes up for it in his charisma and love of the business. Yes, this is coming from the same guy who was campaigning for a Ryback/Brock Lesnar WWE Championship match at one point in time. But my point still stands.

-I can’t believe the WWE banned the Curb Stomp? How many moves to the head were done during that match? So dumb on the WWE’s part.

-The WWE finally booked Randy Orton how he should’ve been booked when he came back. Overall, an average show heading into a lackluster Extreme Rules show this Sunday. But be on the look out for the JC and The Top Draw Wrestling Radio Show’s preview this week!

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Justin C

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