JC’s Top Rope Report: How The WWE Pissed Me Off Today


I’ve been a wrestling fan for 24 years. I’ve learned to accept a lot of the stupid things that go along with watching professional wrestling. There are certain things that make you just shake your head but you just go along with it. When the WWE banned the piledriver, I understood it. When they switched over to a PG rating, I didn’t like it but at the time I went along with it. I’ll never understand why the WWE doesn’t allow blood anymore, even in very small doses.

When news leaked the other day that the WWE banned Seth Rollins finishing move, the Curb Stomp, I was perplexed. I didn’t believe it. I thought it was just a fake news site report. I figured I would watch RAW and see if it was true. Sure enough, Seth Rollins did not use the Curb Stomp in his match against Dolph Ziggler. Instead, Rollins used the turnbuckle powerbomb and followed it up with a DDT, which looked very similar to Dean Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds finisher.

After I saw that, I was furious. News came out today that the WWE didn’t officially ban the move, but that Rollins will use a new finisher going forward. So essentially, the WWE kindly asked Rollins to switch finishers for some unknown reason. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe someone finally found out the move is similar to a murder act? The WWE can’t possibly think it is a move that causes concussions do they? The move doesn’t even cause that much impact on the head. And really, it is the person taking the move who has more control over how it impacts them.

Either way, the fact that the WWE has decided to get rid of this move NOW is just absolutely ridiculous. How long has Seth Rollins been using the move? At this point we are almost reaching a year. So the WWE has had almost a year to tell Seth Rollins that he can no longer use the Curb Stomp. But no. For some reason, the WWE has decided to wait until AFTER Seth Rollins wins the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. They decided to wait until after Seth Rollins became the top guy in the company to get rid of the Curb Stomp. So when Wrestlemania highlights are shown years from now, will we not see Seth Rollins using the Curb Stomp to pin Roman Reigns for the Title?

Seth Rollins got the Curb Stomp over as a dangerous finishing move. He put Dean Ambrose through cinder blocks with it and also used it to put Randy Orton out of action for months. That’s the point of a finishing move: to get it over as a serious threat and a match ender. So the WWE finally accomplishes that, and then Rollins gets the move taken away from him.

My problem with all of this is timing. Also, the fact that you took away your WWE CHAMPION’S finishing move. Seth Rollins has been using the finisher for almost a year and the WWE thinks they should take it away from him now. It’s short-shortsightedness like this that frustrates me as a WWE fan. Their timing on a lot of these things just makes you want to bash your head into a wall. Why did the WWE have to wait until after Seth Rollins became Champion instead of back in July or August when he wasn’t in this spot yet?

I went on a bit of rant on Twitter last night about this. It’s just absolutely stupid on the WWE’s part to not think about things like this ahead of time. Whatever their reasoning is, it doesn’t cover the fact that it took this long for the WWE to come to this conclusion. Now of course, Seth Rollins could use this move at Extreme Rules and this rant will mean nothing. But I have to go with the evidence in front of me now. And that points to the WWE being guilty of one thing: stupidity.

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