JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Extreme Rules Thoughts

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Match of the Night: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs The New Day

-I have to give credit to the New Day. I was ready to write them off completely but the WWE actually did the smart thing and has had them embrace the negative chants from the crowd. And it plays in well to their matches. I thought the action was great throughout this match and these two teams definitely had the best wrestling match of the night. Maybe the WWE can build up the tag team division again with these two, in addition to the Lucha Dragons.

Dud of the Night: John Cena vs Rusev

-This was a match where the stipulation weighed it down a bit. The two had a decent match at Wrestlemania but this one was a snoozer. I really hope Rusev/Lana doesn’t turn into another Marc Mero/Sable storyline. Rusev is better than that. Both men need new feuds to move on to. And now we get an I Quit Match at Payback. Why even bother with a build? Do you really think that John Cena is losing an I Quit Match? Rusev is going to lose three times to Cena and will be done for. Terrible booking.

Surprise of the Night: Roman Reigns vs Big Show

-I thought this match would get crucified in front of the Chicago crowd. Surprisingly, that did not happen. The way the match was laid out actually kept the crowd invested during the entire match. I wasn’t a fan of the ending, but the match overall did a good job of putting Roman Reigns over strong. So the WWE can apparently do a strong job of putting Reigns over on PPV matches, but they can’t figure out how to do the rest in between. Maybe it is because I went in with low expectations, but I thought this was a fun match.

Three Stars of the Night

3. Dean Ambrose- From his antics on the pre-show to his match with Luke Harper, Ambrose continues to entertain and is still over with the fans. Maybe this is finally the start of a push for Ambrose?

2. The New Day- They went from absolute nothings to an over heel act and tag team Champions. I was quite surprised with their performance tonight and how they have become enjoyable over the last few weeks.

1. Roman Reigns- The WWE got this part of the night right. They built Reigns up strong in his match with the Big Show. Now the WWE has to keep that momentum going into his next feud. Reigns has the potential, but the WWE needs to work on putting everything about that together.

Random Thoughts

-I guess I have to talk about the WWE Title Match. It was an over booked mess. Kane being involved in anything main event on a PPV is not interesting in 2015. There was interference again in a steel cage match. And Rollins uses the RKO to win. I’m okay with that, although I’m sure it will be talked about to start RAW tomorrow. It was just there and didn’t really feel all that important in the end.

-Dean Ambrose/Luke Harper should have ended at Wrigley Field in the outfield. Or at CM Punk’s house.

-Sheamus has been great with his heel character since his return. I hope he gets a good push going forward. He’s enjoyable in the ring outside of being a little too physical at times.

-The booking of the Divas division is so bad. If you read my thoughts in the Extreme Rules Predictions, you know what I’m talking about. And it showed tonight.

I thought the show was just an average one. There was some good wrestling on the show. But in the end, it felt like nothing more than a glorified RAW.

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