JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.27.15

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-A Bray Wyatt/Ryback feud does nothing for either competitor involved. It is a step down for Bray, and this is coming from someone that is a Ryback supporter. And as far as Ryback goes, he is over with the crowd and needs a proper feud. But assuming he loses to Wyatt, would good does this feud do for him? It is a bad pairing of two guys who desperately need a win from their next feud. And unfortunately, one of them won’t get that now.

-There was a kid in the crowd holding a “John Cena>Ric Flair” sign. That is a sign of bad parenting.

-So the Bellas were heels. Paige left and they turned Naomi heel, which made the Bellas faces by default. But at Extreme Rules Brie cheated to help Nikki win, which is a heel move. But now they have Brie talking about her husband and being sympathetic, so she’s a face again. Are we all following along?

-I really liked what they started with Damien Sandow with that promo. But then they had to have him copy everything that Curtis Axel was doing. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t like that part. They went from serious to stupid in one segment. I’m all for re-establishing Damien Sandow as a character, but that segment didn’t do him any favors by the end.

-Sorry but I’m really dis-interested in the King of the Ring Tournament. I don’t care who wins it. The fact that it was put together and barely promoted leads me to believe that the winner won’t really mean anything in the end. What will they get? A cape and crown and…? Sure it will look good for Neville or Barrett, but unless they get a full sustained push as a result it means nothing.

-I’m coming off really negative tonight but I don’t care. Roman Reigns should not be thrown into the WWE Title scene this soon again. If it was me, I would have moved Reigns into a feud with Bray Wyatt and let that do its work. Throwing Reigns into a WWE Title match on a PPV that is already less than 3 weeks away just doesn’t seem like the right time for it. I would have waited until after SummerSlam if it was up to me. Reigns could have had a feud with the likes of Wyatt and Rusev and Reigns could have been in the WWE Title hunt in the fall.

-Imagine how much better it would be if someone who could use the rub was in Kane’s spot?

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