JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 5.4.15

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-I am completely turned around on my opinion of the New Day. The over the top clapping and celebrating after wins is just great. They’ve embraced the badness of their gimmick and are now making it work. And they’ve shown that they warrant the push they have been getting in recent weeks. Hopefully this is not just a short term thing.

-Was it bad that I cared more about what Ryback was saying than Bray Wyatt? It’s the same non-sense that Wyatt has been spewing for the last year: BOOGITY BOO FEAR ME! At least Ryback went into a little bit of his past and actually gave a bit of a reason to be standing up to Wyatt.

-That was about as good of a debut that you could’ve asked for in regards to Sami Zayn. I didn’t expect Zayn to actually beat Cena. Had he not been doing anything on NXT then maybe. But Zayn is in the middle of a program with Kevin Owens, so winning the US Title wouldn’t make sense. Zayn looked strong in defeat and I think this match will help him out once he makes his full time roster debut. Cena continues to have strong matches every week as well.

-Lana doing the Fandango dance? I’ll allow it.

-Adding Dean Ambrose to the WWE Title Match at Payback is a fun touch. I don’t think he will win, and part of me fears he was just added to the match to take the fall. But part of me also wants to hope that this is the start of a new push for Ambrose. His match with Rollins was probably the best RAW match of the year. Ambrose might be the most over face in the match. A couple weeks ago we were all worried about the long term plans for Dean Ambrose. And now he is in the WWE Title match at Payback.

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  • Jack C. Catalano

    ​I thought it was a good show. I dont like the Lana turn at all. I think this has Miz or ADR as a babyface written all over it and we know how that turned out.
    Ambrose/Rollins was excellent. Rollins is just so damn great. I thought he was the MVP of WWE in 2014. He might be in 2015 as well. I also like Kane’s character. He’s been more interesting now than he has been in years and I think there will be a huge payoff when he ditches the suit and brings back the mask.

    I liked the Tamina/Namoi attack. What frustrates me to know end is why The Bellas are baby faces? Give me an explanation. I like Ryback but he seemed a bit lost out there. I’m not digging this feud and I wish Wyatt would be more at the top of the card.

    The New Day. Good stuff. Who knew? Btw, spiders?? Really? If it isnt about a Bunny or Hornswoggle or El Torito now we have spiders??

    Cena vs. Zayn was great too. That DDT he did on the floor through the posts was epic. Great all around and give Cena credit for leaving the ring and letting Zayn have his moment.