JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 5.11.15

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-I can totally get behind Luke Harper and Erick Rowan reforming as a tag team. Both guys have had no direction since the break-up of the Wyatt Family. That break-up came out of nowhere and made no sense when it happened. Putting these two in the tag division gives it another threat and gives these guys a chance to grow more as performers.

-That was the best way to book that Cena/Neville match. Neville has the match won, Cena hits the Red Arrow, but Rusev interferes because he wants to be the one to beat Cena for the US Title. Neville looked great during the match and that has to be a good sign for him going forward. It was smart story telling and the match itself was great. I would say the best United States Title Open Challenge Match so far.

-I don’t know what to think of this whole Macho Mandow/AxelMania/Mega Powers thing. I can live with wrestlers pretending to be legends as a one off. But long term it is more detrimental to the performer than helpful. Half the people in the audience probably had no idea what was going on with that segment. If the goal for Axel and Sandow is comedy tag team then it works. But nothing else can be expected from this long term.

-Well, as a fan who watches the product it sucks to see Daniel Bryan off of TV again for an extended period of time. But I want Daniel Bryan to get better and be able to walk when he’s an old man. The way that segment was treated, it really did feel like it could be the end for Daniel Bryan. At this point, I would be happy with him taking the rest of the year off and having one last match at Wrestlemania next year. I hope Daniel Bryan gets healthy, and if he doesn’t return to the ring, I thank him for everything he did during his time in the WWE.

-Bray Wyatt, I’m sorry but I just don’t care about you anymore. Your character has almost no purpose. You lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Why are you the new Face of Fear? Your promos just go in circles. I actually want Ryback to win on Sunday.

-WWE Logic: Lets do another PPV in 2 weeks. With no build. And lets have it be a big match like an Elimination Chamber. Oh, and lets give it away during our free month of the WWE Network. Two steps forward, one step back.

-You know, this may sound crazy, but I really don’t think I would be against a Seth Rollins vs Kane, Title vs Career match at a PPV coming up. Maybe Battleground or Money in the Bank. I’ve ripped on Kane a lot recently, but it hasn’t been too bad. And the crowd seems to be behind him. It’s something you could get away with at Money in the Bank, especially with the ladder match already.

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