Quick Hits: WWE NXT 5.13.15

NXT Logo - 2012


Solomon Crowe vs Baron Corbin

-I’m glad Crowe and the people helping to develop his character tweaked it just a bit. The guy looked like a character in a bad 90s futuristic SyFy movie.

-Corbin picks up the win and even though the announcer tried to express it, he didn’t make him look strong. Rhyno comes out and a brawl breaks out with Corbin and the entire locker room.

-NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks gets ready for her brawl with Becky Lynch next week.

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss

-Alexa has improved in the ring since her debut and to my surprise beats Carmella in a short match after a distraction from Tag Champs Blake and Murphy.

Hideo Itami and Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose

-Before I get into the match, my wife taught me that Breeze’s phone is in video mode. I say this because I always wondered how he could pick up his phone and the camera always would be on.

-Everyone who watches NXT week in and week out know how good Breeze, Itami and Balor are. It was nice to see Adam Rose get some time to shine in the ring here.

-Balor and Itami can’t get on the same page here, allowing Breeze and Rose to pick up the win. I’ve said this more than one time, but give Breeze a chance on the main roster. He’s a veteran in NXT with nothing left to prove in Florida.

-Sami Zayn came out and asked Kevin Owens to tell him the truth. Owens left the ring and said at this time next week, Zayn won’t be coming back.

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