JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 5.18.15

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-A little NXT continuity on RAW? Sure, I’m okay with that. It might expose some more people to NXT who for some reason aren’t watching it. NXT has kind of been kept on its own up to this point. But if they want to bring up past storylines between guys on RAW, I’m okay with that.

-So it’s six teams inside the Tag Team Elimination Chamber? That has the potential to be a real clusterfuck if not booked the right way. It should be some good action regardless, but things could get messy if the action isn’t paced out well enough.

-I thought Kevin Owens came off really well in his segment with John Cena. He didn’t look scared or intimidated at all by being in the ring with Cena. He looks and acts like someone that is just a natural heel. He came off as a big deal. I think Elimination Chamber is a little too soon for the match to happen, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the hell out of it.

-So the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Title is Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, King Barrett, R-Truth, Rusev, and Ryback. The only two I think that have a real shot to walk out IC Champ are Rusev and Sheamus. I think Rusev is the favorite currently. He needs the IC Title more than Sheamus does for his character’s sake. And now we have to guess yet again if Lana and Rusev are playing a con here with Dolph Ziggler and everyone else inside the Elimination Chamber. I also wish Neville was in the place of R-Truth for this match.

-Having Paige, Nikki Bella and Naomi along with Tamina in place makes for a pretty solid Divas division. Once you start sprinkling in everyone from NXT, and the WWE could have a good Divas Division on their hands for the next couple years.

-Wow Elimination Chamber is shaping up to possibly be the best WWE show of the year. The addition of Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins makes it even better. Hopefully Ambrose starts to get treated like a main eventer from here on out. Another match I kind of wish they saved for Money in the Bank, similar to Owens/Cena, but I’m again okay with this. Everything will just seem kind of rushed in the coming weeks.

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