JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 5.25.15

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-Just once, ONCE, I would love for RAW to start with something other than variation #58082 of a Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Authority promo. I mean nothing new is ever said in these things and it always seems like it is a repeat of what aired last week.

-Well I have to give Lana credit. I thought her delivery during her promo was good, outside of losing the accent every once in a while. They kind of cut the manhood out of Rusev there, but I’m ok with it as long as it means Rusev goes on a tear inside the Elimination Chamber. Even if he doesn’t win, he is going to need a strong showing in the match to regain any kind of credibility that he has left.

-I’m sorry but I never got the Zack Ryder love/hoopla. I mean I credit the guy for getting himself over in 2011. The guy put a lot of hard work into that. But I was just never a fan of the guy or is act.

-The Internet might literally explode if John Cena beats Kevin Owens on Sunday. And considering Owens has now laid out Cena twice, I think it is a very real possibility. For me it is all about how a loss is handled/booked more than anything. I mean if Samoa Joe comes out to distract Owens and give Cena the win, then I’m good with it. But if Cena just straight up beats Owens, then there will be a problem.

-My only problem with the end of RAW was that Roman Reigns got more over at the end of the show than Dean Ambrose. Reigns pretty much got most of the offense in and Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds at the end. I didn’t think Ambrose was going to win on Sunday anyways, but at least let the guy get over without the help of Reigns. Part of me hopes they are just planting seeds for a Shield Triple Threat Match for the Title at Wrestlemania.

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  • Jack C. Catalano

    I was a little disappointed with the NYC crowd. They seemed very quiet all night. I disagree about Owens/Cena. Even if Cena beats him as long as it isnt a squash, see Ryder/Cena, then I think Owens would gain a lot out of it.

    I think Rusev/Lana thing is a setup. They have a good act and I dont think Lana can make it as a babyface. I dont know if she can connect that well. I dont even think Rusev needs the IC Title. Let somebody else win it and have him challenge for the World Title as long as he’s healthy.

    The gauntlet tag match was a waste. It lasted, what, 3 mins.? And for what? It was literally the samething from the week before.

    I didnt mind how Ambrose was booked. I mean I think this sets up Ambrose vs. Reigns down the line. Also, Ambrose is over anyway. He doesnt need Reigns for that and besides some of the people who cheer Ambrose are probably not going to cheer Reigns.