JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 6.1.15

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-You know, maybe if the WWE had booked Wade Barrett a little bit better since he won King of the Ring I would have taken him as a threat to Roman Reigns. But instead they have treated him like a jobber. So while he had a competitive match against Reigns, I never once bought into Barrett beating him. That was probably the best Barrett has looked since winning King of the Ring. But when you are pinned twice by R-Truth in one week, it is tough for me to take you seriously.

-Kevin Owens comes out and cuts a great promo. John Cena comes out and I honestly lost track of what he was trying to say. So now all of the sudden Owens isn’t a man because why? He just beat you Cena. Cena should have come out and said yeah Owens beat him, but he’s going to make sure that he does everything in his power to make sure that Owens doesn’t beat him again. Instead, Cena had to use a kid with cancer in his promo to try and get it over. All the best to the kid and I’m sure it was a great moment for the kid, but it wasn’t necessary for the promo.

-Two winners of tonight? Ryback and the Prime Time Players. Ryback has this weird connection with the crowd and they seem to love him. If Ryback can stay over he may be in line for a bigger push down the line. The Prime Time Players seem to be the next team up in the tag team division. And Titus O’Neil looked great in the six man tag and got the crowd behind him. Good job on both of their parts.

-So the Bellas are heels again? Ok. Also, Mike Chioda is really bad at his job. The hair color isn’t close, it said Brie on the back of her shirt, and Nikki has bigger boobs. Why can’t the WWE get their Divas Division right???

-Randy Orton and Sheamus just have no chemistry together in the ring. They don’t work well with each other. And both are capable of having good matches with the right opponent.

-Is the WWE really just going to make it so obvious that Roman Reigns is going to win the Money in the Bank match? All signs are pointing to that right now. I thought maybe Bray Wyatt would enter and have a chance, but I doubt that happens now. Who gets added that is an actual threat to win the match? Part of me just wants to see Kofi win then have all of New Day claim to be WWE Champion afterwards. Does Ambrose win and Reigns cash in after? Does Reigns win and call his shot at Wrestlemania? Reigns winnings has a couple possibilities, but the outcome is just way too obvious.

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