JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Elimination Chamber Thoughts

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-The Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber was okay. Nothing great, but nothing really bad either. I was surprised out of all the teams in the match, they picked the Ascension to be the team that looked dominant early on. I was expecting more of a showcase from the Lucha Dragons in the match but we didn’t see it. New Day retaining was the right move. No reason to take the Titles off them yet.

-Someone needs to tell Naomi that if you are going to try a new move, to make sure it looks good before you do it. I thought for a second their Paige had broken her neck. When you compare that Triple Threat to any of the women’s work on NXT, it was awful. All three women tried hard, but what they did with the minimal amount of time they were given just didn’t work. I’m pretty sure at this point they are just going to keep the Divas Title on Nikki until she breaks AJ’s record as longest Divas Champion. Because the WWE is petty like that.

-Kevin Owens/John Cena was very good. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cena kicking out of every new move that Owens threw his way, but in the end what almost every fan will remember is that Kevin Owens pinned John Cena clean in the ring. Since Cena’s first run as WWE Champion, you could probably count the number of people that have done that with both of your hands. Owens has looked like a star since his RAW debut. I’m a little worried that there is a rematch already at Money in the Bank. It makes me think that Cena will get his win back.

-One more thing on this match: Anyone who continues to bash John Cena as a wrestler just needs to stop. The guy has been putting on constantly good to great matches since become United States Champion and even before that. I can get not liking his character, because I still don’t, but he’s been a tremendous worker in the ring for a good while now.

-Neville/Bo Dallas was in a rough spot following Owens/Cena. It was basically just another showcase spot for Neville.

-The Intercontinental Championship Chamber match may have been the worst Chamber match ever. And yes, that includes the December to Dismember one. To start it was just a bad mixture of wrestlers in the ring. Then the Chamber was barely used as a weapon at all during the match. And the WWE didn’t give us a reason to care about a lot of guys leading up to the match. When was the last time R-Truth did anything relevant? And Barrett has looked awful since winning the King of the Ring. I have no problem with Ryback winning. The guy gets crap from the smark crowd but he’s worked hard the last few months and has done promos to give fans a reason to care about him.

-I have to admit, for about 30 seconds, the WWE had me. I really thought Dean Ambrose was going to win the WWE Title. Then I saw the second ref come back in the ring and new it was over. I don’t have a problem with the Dusty finish. It gives fans hope because now they know Ambrose can beat Rollins in a one-on-one match. And now there will be more heat to the rematch because fans will want to see Rollins get his ass kicked. These two can put on good matches in their sleep so you don’t have to worry about that. My guess is there is some gimmick added to the next match. I also thought Roman Reigns was going to turn on Ambrose last night. But that didn’t happen.

-Not a terrible show, but I would rank it below Extreme Rules and Payback. So maybe since it’s the second worst show of the year, it is terrible? Both Chamber matches underwhelmed, and the IC Title one may have been the worst ever. I would say thumbs in the middle, leaning down.

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