JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 1-5

lucha underground

So, if you have been following my blog posts throughout the years, you know that I’m pretty much a WWE guy through and through. A lot of that just has to do with the nature of what I grew up with. But thanks to the Internet, we now have the ability to go out and watch whatever we want when we want. So I’ve decided to start broadening my wrestling knowledge and delve into some new shows in the coming weeks. I plan on starting Ring of Honor this week as I have access to Destination America. My cable provider, however, does not carry El Rey Network. So I’m going to do my best to catch up with Lucha Underground in the coming weeks, and give my thoughts on the product here.

Mind you, I’m going into this with no knowledge of what has happened so far and with very little background on most of the wrestlers.

Episode 1

-Dario Cueto looks exactly like the dirty, shady boss type you would expect to see in a movie. I guess that means we might be getting the traditional heel authority figure with this show. If done right it will be fine. The storyline has been done to death, but I’ll see where it goes.

-Blue Demon Jr beats Chavo Guerrero in the first ever match for Lucha Underground. I’ve never been a fan of Chavo. I’ve heard of Blue Demon Jr. before so obviously they wanted to send out two veterans for the first match to establish what they want with the show. No issues with the match. Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling.

-Here comes Sexy Star, a female wrestler who fights males as well. She ends up losing to Son of Havoc, which is the right move. If Lucha Underground establishes a female division in the coming episodes, you don’t want to have Sexy Star beat a male in the first match.

-In the main event, Johnny Mundo beats Prince Puma. Puma has been trained by Konnan. Vampiro, a favorite of mine as a kid who is now a color commentator, talks about how you can’t trust Konnan. They have a good match with Mundo coming out on top. Mundo still uses Starship Pain as a finisher, now known as The End of the World. I HATE that as a finisher. It just looks weak,

-Cueto offered up $100,000 to someone at the start of the show. He goes to offer it to Mundo, but pulled it away. Mundo and Puma are then attacked by Ezekiel Jackson and two other guys. Not a bad show to start. Some of the lucha stuff is a bit too staged and is kind of why I was hesitant to start watching, but it wasn’t bad. They established their main characters well and I like the way the backstage stuff is shot. Matt Striker and Vampiro are ok on commentary.

Episode 2

-So Jackson is going by Big Ryck, and his sidekicks are Cortez Castro and Cisco. Mundo and Prince Puma come out and attack so Cuerto makes a tag match. Vampiro says things have picked up 100 million percent. Ok then.

-According to Matt Striker, Cisco says his style is “prison shower style.” Umm, okay.

-Mundo and Puma win with duel 450 splashes. Backstage Konnan tells Puma that he shouldn’t be friends with Mundo. Well, it looks like they are planting the seeds for their first major storyline.

-Chavo Guerrero and Sexy Star beat Son of Havoc and Ivelisse. Glad to see Ivelisse on TV. She was my favorite on Tough Enough and she’s gotten much better, and even better looking, than before.

-Mil Muertes with his very sexy manager Catrina beats the Blue Demon Jr. After the match, Chavo stops any furter attacks by Muertes, only to turn on Blue Demon and take him out with a chair. Chavo takes out some refs and other wrestlers, then uses the chair on Sexy Star as well. Blue Demon is stretchered out. Not as good as last week. It doesn’t help that I’m not a big Chavo fan and he is a part of a major angle to close the show.

Episode 3

-Mascarita Sagrada (a mini luchador) beats El Mariachi Loco. I’m okay with that considering how the match played out. Afterwards, Chavo takes out Sagrada. So is Chavo going to be the top heel here? Ugghhh.

-Still not getting into this Chavo stuff even after that sit down interview. Konnan tells Chavo that what he has done is making its way around Mexico, and he should make himself a ghost and disappear. I just don’t buy Chavo as intimidating or a threat yet.

-Mil Muertes beats Ricky Mandel. Man, part of me wants to lose a match to Muertes just to have Catrina lick me after. I like what I have seen from Muertes so far and I hope he gets pushed as the top heel eventually.

-Johnny Mundo takes out Cortez and Cisco backstage, then demands a match with Big Rych to Cueto next week. Cueto then offers Rych cash to put Mundo in the hospital next week.

-Fenix beats Drago and Pentagon in a Triple Threat match. Fenix took a ridiculous dive from about 20-25 feet in the air down onto both men. Solid action. The show is establishing an identity as an athletic wrestling show with a different type of vibe to it’s backstage stuff. I like what I’ve seen so far. Maybe Chavo will grow on me eventually.

Episode 4

-Sexy Star beats Ivelisse in the opener. Solid women’s match. Much better than you would see on RAW or Smackdown. And Matt Striker and Vampiro made sure to point that out.

-Fenix beats Pentagon Jr. Seems like they are setting up Fenix for a push as a top face down the line. He has the underdog mentality about him.

-Drago beats King Cuerno. Cuerno is portrayed as someone who likes to hunt his opponent and he exhibited it during the match. Couldn’t really tell who is suppose to be the face or the heel in the match.

-Johnny Mundo beats Big Ryck in the main event via DQ after Cortez and Cisco interfere. Both of them attacked Puma backstage beforehand. Ryck puts Mundo through a table to end this episode.

Episode 5

-Mil Muertes defeats Drago in the opener. Is it possible for Catrina to get hotter every episode? Because I think its happening. King Cuerno takes out Drago after the match.

-Mascarita Segrada beats Son of Havoc. I really wonder what will go on with this Son of Havoc going forward. I’m assuming he remains the low card comedy heel who takes on mini wrestlers and women? At least he’s paired with Ivelisse.

-Chavo Guerrero beats Sexy Star via DQ after Star brings a chair in the ring then low blows the ref. You know, I may not like Chavo, but there was more of a background storyline to this match then 99% of RAW and Smackdown storylines. Pentagon Jr comes out to help Chavo, only for Fenix to come out and even the odds.

-Big Ryck beats Prince Puma in a Street Fight. Cortes and Cisco were aiding Ryck all match until Johnny Mundo makes the save. Except Mundo misses a chair shot on Ryck and accidentally hits Puma, giving Ryck the win. Solid street fight, and what do you know, more storyline development to end the show!

Overall, I was worried this would be more spotfests than actual wrestling matches, but it’s the opposite. Everything about the wrestling is crisp and athletic. Wins and losses seem like they actually matter. There’s real storyline development everywhere, even with someone I’m not the biggest fan of like Chavo Guerrero. Looking forward to catching up on the rest of this.

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