JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 6-10

lucha underground

Episode 6

-Son of Havoc is out with Ivelisse. They’re pissed that they have been treated like jokes, and if they knew it was going to be like this they would have gone to Nashville (burn!). They issue an open challenge, and out comes Pimpinela Escarlata, a very flamboyant wrestler. Striker says wrestling has been full of flamboyant/feminint wrestlers and name drops the Miz (double burn!). Mascarita Segrada comes out to chase off Ivelisse, and that allows Escarlata to land “The Kiss” on Havoc to pick up the win. The kiss was shot from an overhead shot, which I don’t get.

-Mil Muertes squashes Famous B. Hey, it meant seeing more Catrina so that’s cool with me.

-King Cuerno beats Dargo. Cuerno basically copies Randy Orton’s mannerisms in the ring. Drago also has a weird tongue when he comes out, and Cuerno has an odd deer head dress. An Asian woman comes out to watch the match at one point then leaves.

-Johnny Mundo wants his 100k from Cueto. Earlier, Mundo took the key Cueto wears around his neck. Konnan says Mundo owes the 100k to Puma, and now Puma won’t have Mundo’s back. Big Ryck takes out Mundo, only for Puma to make the save. Puma and Mundo brawl until refs break it up. Cueto says next week there will be a 100k ladder match.

-Fenix and Sexy Star beat Chavo Guerrero and Pentagon Jr. Probably the least entertaining of every episode I’ve seen so far. Fenix and Mil Muertes might be my favorite two people in LU though.

Episode 7

-King Cuerno beats Super Fly with Drago watching on. Drago’s tongue thing freaks me out.

-Chavo Guerrero beats Fenix after Pentagon Jr knocks him off the top rope. Sexy Star tells Chavo after that Blue Demon is coming back for him.

-This is the second time tonight Vampiro has started wildly banging his hands on the table. Do they do drug testing in LU?

-Debut promo for Cage, who basically looks like a wrestler Vince McMahon would dream about.

-Johnny Mundo wins the $100k ladder match over Prince Puma and Big Ryck. Castro and Cisco pretty much did all the work for Big Ryck during the match which took away from my enjoyment of it. Mundo and Puma hit a few nice spots. Big Ryck powerslammed Puma through a ladder. Someone tried to stop Mundo from winning but Mundo took them out. After the match, Dario Cueto wanted his key back. Mundo gave it to him, after laying him out with a punch.

Episode 8

-So this show starts with two 10 man matches. The first was won by pinfall by Fenix. The second was won by Mil Muertes which was a battle royal. Dario Cueto then had them fight each other for positioning in an Azetec Warfare match, which will crown the first ever Lucha Undergound Champion. Mil Muertes beats Fenix. That means Muertes enters last, and Fenix first. Basic show that lays the ground work for the next.

-The show ends with Dario Cueto looking at his Title and talking to someone in what looks like a prison. He says he would let them touch, but he knows how the person likes to destroy pretty things. GREAT intrigue right there.

Episode 9

-AZTEC WARFARE!!! 20 men, every 90 seconds someone new comes out. Elimination is by pinfall or submission. Anything goes. And you know what? The way they built up the first eight shows you could make a case for over half the roster to win. In the WWE, it would be four at most.

-One thing bothering me so far is that it seems like a lot of the edits are off. They cut from one shot to the next and guys are a couple steps ahead from where they were.

-Also a lot of these intervals are coming faster than 90 seconds.

-Mascarita Segrada runs off the apron, and Fenix catches him with a dropkick, spinning Segrada around in the air. Dangerous, but cool looking spot.

-Are we sure these aren’t Young Bucks clones underneath these masks? Its a superkick party!

-We’re down to the Final 4: Sexy Star, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo and Mil Muertes. Sexy Star eliminated Chavo after Blue Demon came back and attacked him. Mil Muertes quickly eliminates Sexy Star. Catrina trips Puma, which causes him to pull her on the apron. Muertes stops him and almost hits Catrina. Mundo hits a springboard enziguri on Catrina after Muertes moves. Puma and Mundo then takeout Muertes and eliminate him. Puma and Mundo have a good exchange for five minutes, ending with Puma winning the first ever Lucha Underground Title. Unique match with some fun spots.

Episode 10

-Dario Cueto gives Fenix a match against Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship. The mysterious Asian woman was watching the meeting.

-We start with a four way match between Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico, and Cage. All four are new to LU. The three A’s got some good spots in to get themselves over with the crowd before Cage took them all out in the end to get the win.

-Chavo and Blue Demon meet in the ring. They end up brawling, with Blue Demon getting the upper hand and taking out Chavo with some chair shots.

-Drago and King Cuerno ends in a double countout after Drago jumps off the roof of Cueto’s office, about 15-20 feet in the air, through Cuerno and a table. Another dangerous spot.

-Prince Puma beats Fenix in a solid main event. Cage attacks Puma afterwards. That’s a quick elevation for Cage, jumping right into the main event.

Another solid grouping of episodes. We now have a Champion so these luchadors have something to fight over. New faces were added, and there are good stories being told throughout.

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