JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 6.15.15

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-ANNNDDD Sheamus loses his first match after winning Money in the Bank. This company sometimes. I don’t care if it was buy a distraction or not, you want to start building Sheamus up as a threat and he is already an after thought on the first show.

-Whose Wheaties did Wade Barrett piss in?

-Sheamus, Randy Orton and Kane in one segment might be three of the least interesting characters thrown together in one segment. Add Miz and Big Show and it would have been even worse. Neither of those guys have any interesting stories to them.

-And right on cue, its Miz vs Big Show in the next match.

-Holy crap, did they FINALLY give Bray Wyatt some kind of direction and motivation. Bray brings up Reigns beating him two weeks ago which the announcers didn’t last night. He still got into some of the typical Bray stuff, but that was a better promo than what Bray has done recently. And I’m glad he finally has a meaning/direction for now.

-Kevin Owens has been the best part of this show. Good match with Dolph Ziggler, then he powerbombs Machine Gun Kelly off the stage.

-So of course the WWE is going to rush Lesnar/Rollins at Battleground. That is just dumb. It’s the money match you have been saving for SummerSlam. But because of ratings, they rush it. And this is where bad storytelling bits the WWE in the ass.

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