JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 11-15

lucha underground

Episode 11

-Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro beat Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Segrada in the opening comedy tag match. Handful of mis-timed spots. After the match, Cisco, Castro and Bael attack Big Ryck and end up burning his eye with his cigar.

-Pentagon Jr beats Super Fly. After the match, Pentagon Jr says he now realizes Chavo Guerrero is a fraud and there is one man who can help him take out Chavo. Intrigue!

-Sexy Star beats El Mariachi Loco. Seems like this is just basic stuff this week.

-King Cuerno beats Drago in a Last Luchador Standing Match. Cuerno held Drago down with a rope in the corner to pick up the win. More really basic stuff on kind of down week for LU. Was expecting more from these two in what I believed to be the final encounter between these two.

Episode 12

-Fenix beats Mil Muertes in a short opener. Really seems to me that they are setting up Fenix for an underdog babyface Title win down the line.

-The Crew beats Aerostar, Argenis and Super Fly. That was a good showing from The Crew. They haven’t been treated as serious threats yet and they did a good job of showcasing their skills here.

-Prince Puma beats Cage via DQ in the main event. Really impressed by the performance of Cage. He hung with Puma in the ring and played the part of the dominant big man very well. He busted up Konnan with the belt afterwards the ripped it in half.

-The mysterious woman shows up in Cueto’s office and says she is looking for a man who owes her. I can’t spell the name she mentioned, but Cueto said he has never heard of him. More intrigue!

Episode 13

-Angelico beats Son of Havoc in a solid opener. Havoc accidentally knocked Ivelisse off the apron, which allowed Angelico to roll up Havoc for the win. Ivelisse didn’t want to hear anything from Havoc after the match and she walked off without him.

-Pentagon Jr squashes Famous B. Pentagon “breaks” Famous B’s arm after, then tells his master that he is ready, whoever that is.

-Dario Cueto visits whoever he has locked away, and says that she came looking for him. So obviously the mysterious woman, Black Lotus is apparently her name, was looking for whoever this is.

-Drago defeats Aerostar in a competitive match.

-Backstage, Catrina delivers a message to Fenix. She says it isn’t from Mil Muertes but from her. She kisses Fenix and says to keep it between them, because if Muertes finds out he will bury both of them.

-Cage beats Johnny Mundo. Originally, Mundo won via DQ after King Cuerno attacked him and smashed a chair into his knee by the ringpost. Dario Cueto restarted the match, and Cage ended up picking up the win. Cage continues to impress me for a guy his size. I don’t think he delivers the F5 well, but that’s a minor nitpick.

-Cueto is on the phone with someone when there is a knock at the door. It’s Alberto del Rio!

Episode 14

-Alberto el Patron and Dario Cueto talk in Cueto’s office. Patron wants something from Cueto.

-Fenix defeats Argenis in a very fun opener. Catrina made her way down to ringside and gave Argenis the lick of death afterwards.

-Backstage, Catrina goes to tell Mil Muertes something but he grabs her and lifts her off her feet and says he needs nothing, he then runs into Chavo Guerrero backstage and says that he will pay his debts this week.

-Johnny Mundo beats Son of Havoc in Havoc’s best match to date. Havoc took too much time on the top rope and was distracted by Ivelisse, allowing Mundo to get his knees up. Cuerno comes out after the match and attacks Mundo.

-Pentagon Jr makes quick work of Ricky Mandel, then “breaks” Mandel’s arm like he did to his opponent last week. He once again tells his master he gave him another sacrifice.

-Alberto el Patron comes out and cuts a promo about finally being free and fighting for himself and for people who truly believe in him. Texano, Alberto’s rival from AAA in Mexico, comes out and attacks Alberto with a cowboy rope to end the show.

Episode 15

-Mil Muertes defeats Chavo via DQ after uses a DQ. Catrina made her way to the ring again. Muertes took out Chavo and demanded Catrina give him the lick of death. Catrina refused, and Fenix saved Catrina from an attack then Catrina kissed Fenix after.

-The mysterious Black Lotus woman broke into a building.

-Ivelisse defeats Angelico. Son of Havoc was suppose to fight Angelico, but Ivelisse said he can’t fight his own battles so she will. Ivelisse wins after Havoc takes out Angelico with a kick to the head. Ivelisse refused to recognize Havoc’s help.

-Texano defeats Super Fly. After the match, Alberto el Patron comes out and goes after Texano. He gets some shots in before security comes out.

-Dario Cueto gives Cage a non-title match against Puma next week. If he wins, Cage will be next in line for a Title shot. Chavo Guerrero then quits.

-Black Lotus finds whatever Cueto has locked up, but is then kidnapped.

-Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Segrada beat The Crew after Big Ryck, with an eye patch, came out and distracted The Crew. That allowed Sexy Star to roll up Bael.

Another solid week of shows. Alberto el Patron adds a whole new dynamic to everything. The Fenix/Mil Muertes feud is intriguing. Is Catrina playing Fenix? Cage has impressed me for a big man so far. And for the love of god, WHAT DOES DARIO CUETO HAVE LOCKED AWAY???

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