JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 16-20

lucha underground

Episode 16

-Aerostar defeats Drago in the opener to even up their series at one a piece. Dario Cueto comes out and says the two will have a best of five series, with the winner to be granted one of Cueto’s “unique opportunities.” Hey, more Drago/Aerostar is fine with me.

-Cage defeats Prince Puma after Konnan threw in the towel for Puma. Really good match with a fishy ending. Konnan said Puma will live to fight another day, but Vampiro questions his true intentions.

-Sexy Star is in Cueto’s office and says she is sick of men interfering in her matches. She wants The Crew. Cueto said she will get Big Ryck next week, and the winner will get The Crew.

-Pentagon Jr makes quick work of Vinny Massaro. Afterwards Pentagon puts him through a table and breaks his arm. The match was dedicated to his master.

-King Cuerno vs Johnny Mundo ends in a Double Countout. The two end up brawling to the top and it ends when they both go through a fence.

-Black Lotus is in the back of a black car. A masked man pops the trunk and asks her what she knows about lucha libre. He then takes her by the hand out and the show ends. A very good wrestling show with more intrigue at the end. The action was great and some of the non-finishers were used to set up future matches down the line.

Episode 17

-Alberto el Patron is in Dario Cueto’s office. Alberto wants Texano. Cueto lists a bunch of other opponents but Alberto shoves everything off Cueto’s desk and demands Texano, which Cueto gives him.

-Mil Muertes defeats Fenix. After the match Muertes demands Catrina give him the lick of death. Catrina refuses. Muertes drags Catrina in the ring, but Fenix stops the attack and hits Muertes with the sacred stone. Catrina then gives Muertes the lick of death.

-Ivelisse gets a rematch with Angelico next week, and Son of Havoc will be the referee.

-Alberto el Patron tells Prince Puma to man up, because if Puma keeps that Title, he is coming for it.

-Big Ryck beat Sexy Star. He refused to wrestle her, and eventually just pinned her shoulders to the ground. The Crew attacked after, but Big Ryck eventually ran them off.

-Texano beats Alberto el Patron via DQ after Alberto used the bull rope on Texano after a basic wrestling match.

Episode 18

-Pentagon Jr defeats Argenis. A bit more competitive than Pentagon’s more recent matches, but Pentagon still wins and breaks Argenis arm in the end.

-Angelico defeats Ivelisse with Son of Havoc as referee. Comedy match. Angelico went to hit Havoc with an enziguri kick but Havoc ducked and he hit Ivelisse.

-These Konnan revenge video packages are a lot of fun.

-Johnny Mundo beats King Cuerno in a cage match. Solid match, but at least to me it lacked the intensity that you would expect in a feud ending cage match. I just couldn’t get fully in to it for some reason.

Episode 19

-Aerostar defeats Drago to go up 2-1 in their best of 5 series. Not as good as their first two matches but still solid. Aerostar does a nice run across the ropes into a hurricarrana.

-Big Ryck destroys The Crew. Mr. Cisco went to escape but Sexy Star stopped him.

-Fenix defeats Mil Muertes in a casket match. Holy shit what a match. Unlike Mundo/Cuerno, it actually felt that these two hated each other and wanted to beat the shit out of each other. Muertes would constantly bite Fenix and make him bleed more. Muertes ripped Fenix’s mask up. Muertes accidentally clotheslined Catrina. Fenix dropkicked Muertes into the casket and Catrina closed the lid. Seriously great match.

Episode 20

-Son of Havoc defeats Angelico. Right before Havoc is about to deliver his finishing move, he gets a mic and dumps Ivelisse. Looks like this is a turning point for Havoc. Angelico tries to get Ivelisse to get with him, but she enziguri kicks him.

-Hernandez is in Dario Cueto’s office. He signed a contract with LU and will have a front row seat for the Title match tonight.

-Alberto el Patron beats Texano to retain the AAA Mega Championship. Alright match. Wasn’t expecting a Title change here since it isn’t a LU Title.

-Prince Puma defeats Cage to retain the Lucha Underground Championship. Fun brawl which saw Konnan come in and hit Cage with his cane. Surprisingly no turn from Konnan. I thought for sure that was coming at some point during the match.

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