JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 21-25

lucha underground

Episode 21

-Big Ryck is in Dario Cueto’s office with a new crew, Killshot and The Mack. Cueto says he is introducing a new Trio’s Championship tonight, and Cueto tells Ryck his crew can be in the tournament.

-Johnny Mundo defeated Angelico in the opening match. If you did a shot every time a kick was landed in this match, you’d be past out right now. I’m not a big fan of Angelico’s kicks because I think they look weak.

-Black Lotus is writing in a diary. She said the man that took her is called El Dragon Azteca. He is training her in the art of lucha libre, so she can take out the man behind the bars and avenge her parents’ death.

-Johnny Mundo and Alberto el Patron throw some jabs at each other backstage.

-Drago defeats Aerostar to even up their series. After the match, they reluctantly shake hands this time and then have an intense staredown.

-Big Ryck, Killshot and The Mack beat Pentagon Jr, Super Fly and Sexy Star in the first match of the Trios Tournament. Pentagon goes to break Super Fly’s arm after the match, but Sexy Star saves him.

Episode 22

-Dario Cueto tells Puma and Konnan that he will be in the Trios tournament and to find two partners. Puma faces King Cuerno tonight, who will be his opponent in the Trios tourney. And the Title will be on the line.

-Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico defeat Fenix, Drago and Aerostar in a Trios match. Dissension  between both teams. Drago and Aerostar couldn’t get along. Ivelisse knocked Havoc off the apron and walked off. But Son of Havoc was able to recover and hit the Shooting Star Press for the win. Fun match.

-Konnan tells Puma he got Hernandez to be his partner, Puma then brings in Johnny Mundo to also be his partner. Konnan still doesn’t think you can trust Mundo.

-Sexy Star defeats Super Fly. Dario Cueto made it an impromptu mask vs mask match. Sexy Star reluctantly took off Super Fly’s match. Afterwards, Pentagon Jr came out and attacked, breaking Super Fly’s arm in the process. They’ve done a good job of getting the crowd to boo Pentagon in recent weeks.

-Prince Puma defeats King Cuerno to retain the LU Title. Hernandez helped Puma wins, which didn’t please Puma. He reluctantly allowed Hernandez to raise his hand at the end. Afterwards Puma’s team and Cuerno’s team, consisting of Cage and Texano, brawled to end the show.

Episode 23

-King Cuerno, Texano and Cage defeat Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo and Hernandez in the Trios Tournament qualifying match. Really fun match with non-stop action throughout the entire match. Dario Cueto then makes a three way match with one member from each of the teams in the Tournament final.

-Cage wins the Triple Threat match between Son of Havoc and The Mack.

-Pentagon Jr is in the ring and tells Melissa Santos to say that his next sacrifice is for his master. Pentagon goes after Melissa. Vampiro gets up to make the save but Sexy Star beats him to the ring to help out Melissa.

-Drago defeats Aerostar to win the best of five series. Much better than their last two matches and a lot more aggression shown from both men. Still like the first couple matches better but this was fun. Dario Cueto says that Drago will now get a shot at the Lucha Underground Title, but if he doesn’t beat Prince Puma, he will be banned from Cueto’s Temple.

Episode 24

-We start with more Black Lotus training. She thinks she is ready.

-Sexy Star beats Pentagon Jr. That really surprised me and I’m interested to see what the follow up is after. I was expecting Pentagon to go on a run leading up to a match with Prince Puma.

-Alberto el Patron gives Johnny Mundo crap about losing last week and not beating Puma in Aztec Warfare.

-Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico won the Trios Titles. Texano/King Cuerno/Cage were eliminated first. Texano landed on former WWE star Divari. He then attacked Texano. Angelico then pinned Killshot to pick up the win. BUT….

-Dario Cueto says there is another team in the tournament, and The Crew comes out. Cueto makes this No DQ.

-Angelico/Ivelisse/Son of Havoc beat The Crew. Angelico does an insane dive from the top of the office to the ring. The crowd is fully behind these three. In a matter of a month they have gone from joker jobbers to legit stars in the company. See how easy that can be if you put some time into it?

Episode 25

-Dario Cueto is disappointed with the Crew. He says the next time they disappoint him, they will have to answer to his brother, who is the one locked in the cage.

-Fenix defeats Killshot in the opener. Good showing from Killshot, who hasn’t really had the chance to show off his skills in the trios matches like The Mack has.

-Dario Cueto meets up with Drago in the bathroom again. Why is Drago always in there??? He says after tonight, he probably will thank him.

-This time Cueto meets up with Puma. He says Puma shouldn’t feel bad about ending a man’s career tonight. Hernandez confronts him as he is leaving and asks why Cueto put him in a three way match against King Cuerno and Cage. Cueto makes it interesting and says the match is now a #1 Contender’s Match.

-Texano takes out Famous B, Argenis, Ricky Mandel and Vinny Massaro and demands Daivari come out and confront him.

-Some guy meets Dario Cueto and wants to work for LU. His name is Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Cueto passes.

-Hernandez beats King Cuerno and Cage to become the #1 Contender. Marty The Moth made his way into the ring but was quickly taken out by all three. Okay match.

-Prince Puma defeats Drago to retain the LU Title. The ref was knocked down. Hernandez came in and charged at Puma, but Puma moved and Hernandez took out Drago instead. Puma reluctantly hit his finisher and made the pin. Drago gets a standing ovation and meets Cueto backstage, where Drago tells him that they will meet again.

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