Quick Hits: Ring of Honor 6.23.15 (w/Cam)

ROH TV - 2013

ROH is available to almost everyone now, a new war is brewing!

Roderick Strong v. Shinsuke Nakamura

: The Ring of Honor fans openly welcomed Nakamura with the traditional streamer toss while loudly chanting ‘Nakamura’.

: Shinsuke applied some unorthodox outside offense until Roderick battled back picking up a very near fall after a double back breaker.

: Strong hits a series of moves that had me jumping out of my seat but Nakamura bit a running knee to pick up the win. What an amazing match, do not miss out on this one.

Gedo v. ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin

: Michael Elgin is what Ryback should strive to be. Nothing against the big guy but he should have a training session or two with Mr. Unbreakable.

: Elgin applied his strength early and often defeating Gedo in brutal fashion.

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & AJ Styles) v. Okada, Rocky Romeo & Trent Baretta

: The Bullet Club controlled the match early on as The Young Bucks tagged back and forth with Styles until Trent finally tagged in Rocky Romero.

: Too much happening to write and or catch up. Rocky Romero and Okada are amazing wrestlers and I’ve proclaimed my love for the Bucks and Styles on more than one occasion.

: After several great exchanges Young Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver followed by the Styles Clash from AJ on Trent to pick up the win for The Bullet Club.

: Let me know what you guys think! Until next week, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and lets talk rasslin!