JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 26-30

lucha underground

Episode 26

-Alberto el Patron and Johnny Mundo are both in Dario Cueto’s office. They both say they should be #1 Contender over Hernandez. Cueto makes Mundo vs Alberto for later, with the winner facing Hernandez next week in a new #1 Contender’s Match.

-Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco beat Son of Havoc and Angelico. OK action. Some clunky spots.

-Delavar Daivari and Texano ends in DQ once the match starts with a brawl.

-Cage and King Cuerno beat Prince Puma and Hernandez in a match made by Dario Cueto. There was dissension between Hernandez and Puma throughout. It blew up when Hernandez threw Puma in front of a Cuerno dive, then booted him in the face and hit a Razor’s Edge onto the apron. We all pretty much knew this was coming.

-More Black Lotus training. She wants to leave but the mysterious masked man refuses to let her.

-Alberto el Patron beats Johnny Mundo in a solid main event. Nice counters and a little bit of aggression shown from both men. Alberto moves on to face Hernandez next week.

-The show ends with Catrina by the casket with Mil Muertes in it. She says it is time to rise and Muertes awakes in the coffin.

Episode 27

-Aerostar defeats Jack Evans in the opener. Strong debut for Evans, who dominated most of the match. Aerostar won with a top rope 360 piledriver. Good job by Striker putting over that it took such an impactful move to beat Evans.

-Fenix wins a Seven Way Lucha Match for one of the 7 Aztec Medallions that Dario Cueto promised to have a lot of value somewhere down the road. Typical spot fest with so many people involved. Don’t like Pentagon Jr taking the fall again but whatever.

-Dario Cueto tells Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico that they will face The Crew next week in a ladder match for the Trios Title. Then Catrina tells Fenix that he fell right into her trap, and Mil Muertes is coming for him.

-Hernandez beats Alberto el Patron in the main event after Johnny Mundo interferes. Mundo threw Alberto through the window of Cueto’s office. Cueto’s reactions were great. The only thing missing was Bobby Heenan saying, “Did you see that coward Alberto? He tried to escape through the window!”

Episode 28

-Prince Puma beats Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Martinez was treated as a joke at first, then got some offense in but was quickly taken out by Puma. Hernandez appeared after and Konnan told him he had baby nuts and said him and Puma could have the Title match right now, but Hernandez walked away.

-Johnny Mundo is interviewed. He says LU is his world and he is the star around here. He says Alberto must think he is some guy he can slap around in catering. Ooooohhhhhh.

-Texano beats Delavar Daivari by DQ after Big Ryck takes out Texano. The announcers hint that Ryck is working for Daivari because it is all about money for Ryck.

-Catrina appears, then disappears from Cueto’s office. She wants a Death Match between Fenix and Mil Muertes next week.

-Black Lotus is ready to take out Cueto’s brother. Chavo appears to her trainer and says if he doesn’t want her to die, he can help. He says Chavo’s debt has been cleared but he must protect Black Lotus like she is family.

-Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc defeat The Crew in a Ladder Match to retain the Trios Title. Fun match. Angelico jumps off Cueto’s office again and dropkicks Cisco off the ladder. Ivelisse climbs the ladder with one leg after to get the Titles. Cueto said earlier if The Crew lost, it would anger the gods and they would have to pay.

Episode 29

-Johnny Mundo defeats Aerostar in the opener. They did a good job of putting over the new aggressive side of Mundo now that he is a heel. And Aerostar again looked good in defeat.

-Sexy Star interview. She’s proud to be a role model for women and also faces Pentagon Jr next week in a submission match.

-Prince Puma defeats Hernandez to retain the Lucha Underground Title. Surprisingly good match considering Hernandez’s limitations. Didn’t get the spot where Puma used a chair mid match on Hernandez, since that isn’t his style. But it didn’t play into the finish so I guess that’s ok.

-Mil Muertes defeats Fenix in a Death Match. Muertes came back with Catrina and three men in masks that were referred to as the Three Faces of Death. Another brutal match. Muertes powerbombs Fenix through the roof of a storage room. Not as good as Grave Consequences but still fun.

-Dario Cueto is with The Crew. He said he warned them of the consequences and one of them has to pay. Mr. Cisco and Castro grab Bael and hold him against the bars. Blood spews out and ends up over both men and Cueto. Ummmm, alright then.

Episode 30

-Chavo Guerrero is with Dario Cueto. Chavo tells Cueto about Black Lotus. He says Guerrero’s are only loyal to the highest bidder. He wants full time protection in Mexico. Chavo and Cueto continue to talk. That evil Chavo!

-Jack Evans defeats Argenis. Before the match, Dario Cueto made it for one of the Aztec medallions. Ok opener.

-Daivari tells Big Ryck that they get a Trios Title match. They need another partner and Ryck suggests The Mack. Cage comes in and says he should be the partner. Cage and Mack fight and Cage gets the upper hand so Daivari picks him as partner.

-Chavo tells Black Lotus her first match is tonight. Chavo goes to attack and The Crew comes in. Chavo eventually takes her out, then handcuffs her.

-Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse defeat Daivari, Big Ryck and Cage to retain the Trios Titles. Okay match. It ends when Texano interferes and allows Havoc to hit the Shooting Star Press for the win. The Champs work so well together and they have grown so much as characters over the last two months.

-Chavo Guerrero and The Crew have Black Lotus in Cueto’s office. Cueto says he has a spot for her, right next to his brother.

-Pentagon Jr defeats Sexy Star in a Submission Match. Sexy had a half Boston Crab applied but Superfly came in and attacked her, allowing Pentagon to win with a modified Surfboard Submission. Pentagon goes to break Sexy’s arm after, but Vampiro makes the save. It looks like the two are about to brawl but Vampiro walks away. The show ends with Vamprio in the back looking in the mirror. He eventually bashes his head into it as the show ends. Weak show, but I’m a Vampiro mark so I’m intrigued by the ending.

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