JC’s Top Rope Report: Catching Up With Lucha Underground Ep. 31-Present

lucha underground

Episode 31

-The show starts with Drago above the temple, then Vampiro apologizing for his actions last week.

-Dario Cueto announces an event called Ultimo Lucha, which will most likely be their year/season end show. Cueto says that Blue Demon will be a part of the show, but he has to face Chavo Guerrero tonight to show that he doesn’t have any rust. Cueto says anything goes. Chavo also has The Crew with him.

-Chavo Guerrero defeats Blue Demon with the help of The Crew. I was ok with these two fighting in the first match for their histories. But I’d rather they not have a big part in the final show of the year.

-Chavo visits Black Lotus in her cell. He says business is business.

-Drago confronts Dario Cueto. He demands to be in the #1 Contender’s Match later tonight. Cueto says he can be in it, but he must win otherwise he is still banished and must leave his mask behind.

-The Disciples of Death defeat Bengala, Mascarita Segrada and Pimpinela Escarlata. The Disciples are controlled by Catrina and her rock. Just a way to get them over.

-Johnny Mundo is in Cueto’s office. He wants to know why he isn’t in the four way match. Cueto says it is because Mundo will have his own match with Puma next week. An Iron Man Match, whoever has the most pinfall or submission victories at the end is the winner. The best line came from Cueto, “So you gave me a black eye. So what? I look good in sunglasses.”

-Drago wins the #1 Contender 4 Way Match by blinding King Cuerno with mist then picking up a pinfall win. Hernandez and Cage were also in the match. Was slow at first and picked up at the end. Puma and Drago have a staredown.

-Catrina confronts Cueto in his office. She wants to know why Mil Muertes wasn’t in the match. Cueto says it is because he has never faced Puma. Catrina wants to know why Cueto is in Mil’s way. Catrina begins to choke Cueto with his key necklace. Cueto says in two weeks Mil Muertes will face Drago and the winner will face Prince Puma.

Episode 32

-ALL NIGHT LONG!!! It’s Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo in an Iron Man Match for the whole show. The match is just laid out so well. They start off trading moves back and forth. Mundo, now a heel, uses No DQ to his advantage and hits Puma with a crowbar. He gets four consecutive pinfalls to go up 4-1. Mundo gets cocky, then gets driven through a table off where the band plays. Puma starts a comeback then goes up 4-3. Then Mundo just runs away from Puma for a good minute or two. THAT’S GENIUS!!! Problem for Mundo, however, is that Alberto El Patron was waiting for him and takes him out. He gets Mundo back in the ring and Puma ties it 4-4. The last 3 minutes both men go back and forth, with Puma hitting his finisher for the win. The match is laid out so well and the pacing of it is so smart. The interference from Alberto is even okay because it plays into the story. Great Match.

Episode 33

-Super Fly defeats Sexy Star in the opener. Okay match. The shine has worn off of Sexy Star a bit for me. Super Fly tries to unmask her after the match but instead just tosses her to the outside.

-Pentagon Jr is suppose to be in a five way match for a medallion. Instead, he wants to fight Vampiro. Pentagon confronts Vampiro and they have a brief shoving match before Pentagon walks away.

-Aerostar wins a 4 Way match also including Marty the Moth, Cage and The Mack to get one of the Aztec medallions. Strong showing from The Mack in this one.

-Catrina confronts Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico. She says sooner rather than later, death will come to all of them. They are then “laid out” by The Disciples of Death.

-Mil Muertes defeats Drago to become the #1 Contender for the LU Title at Ultima Lucha. Hernandez attacked Drago before the match. Fun match. Afterwads Prince Puma came out on the stairs and had a staredown with Mil.

Episode 34

-Dario Cueto gives Chavo Guerrero a Title match tonight, No DQ. If Konnan interferes, Chavo wins.

-Texano defeats Delavar Daivari in the opener.Big Ryck tried to interfere but Texano used the bull rope to stop him.

-Mil Muertes and Catrina confront Prince Puma and Konnan backstage, then disappear. Konnan says it is all mind games. Konnan then talks to someone in the locker room, and tells them they can settle Chavo’s debt with Mexico tonight.

-Drago beats Hernandez via DQ after Hernandez steals a fan’s belt and uses it to whip/choke Drago. Me thinks a strap match is in store for these two.

-This time Mil Muertes/Catrina confront Chavo.

-Alberto el Patron squashes Marty the Moth Martinez. Afterwards, Alberto cuts a promo on Mundo thanking him for awakening the evil side of Alberto el Patron.

-Prince Puma defeats Chavo to retain the LU Title. The Crew aided Chavo, only for Texano to make the save for Puma.

-Afterwards, Blue Demon talks to Chavo in the locker room. Chavo says he has never heard the people cheer for him like they just did Texano. He said maybe Texano is Mexico. Blue Demon grabbed Chavo and said that he is Mexico. He let Chavo go as Chavo smiled.

Finally all caught up on Lucha Underground! Expect a column from me soon on everything I’ve thought about the product so far.

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