Quick Hits: Ring of Honor 6.30.15 w/ Cameron Dougharty

ROH TV - 2013

Ring of Honor is available to almost everyone now, a new war is brewing!

ROH Tag Team Champions The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) v. Okada & Gedo

: Daniels and Frankie both threw and threw offense at Okada and nothing seemed to faze the New Japan star until Daniels took out Gedo from behind after the tag in.

: Gedo finally tags Okada back in and before he could make an impact The Addiction’s team experience takes right back over.

: Gedo made his way back into the match but Daniels and Kazarian were too much. After the match Okada got his on Daniels sending the crowd into an ‘Okada’ chant.

Adam Page v. Wantanabe

: After a great back and forth match Wantanabe took control and picked up several near falls until Page hit his finisher to pick up the win.

Adam Cole v. IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles

: Adam Cole is back baybay after missing three months with a bad elbow. Styles dominated the opening portion until Cole took over control outside the ring.

: Cole and Styles exchange very unique moves back and forth until AJ jumped from the top rope right into a superkick from Adam followed by his submission move as the Philly crowd chanted ‘this is wrestling’.

: Cole hits ‘Styles Clash’ on AJ for a very near far but AJ battles back and hits his own Styles Clash and picks up the win. One hell of a wrestling match.

: Let me know what you guys think! Until next week, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and lets talk rasslin!