JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 7.13.15

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-That tag match was considered the WWE’s version of the All Star Game? Man that was a bad All Star Game. Although I’m still surprised at how over Ryback has gotten. I hope it keeps up.

-I can’t remember a women’s segment in the WWE that was as good as that. Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch all being called up at once is great. NXT kind of gets decimated, but it will rebound like it always does. I don’t like Stephanie McMahon taking all of the credit for it, but whatever. The crowd reacted appropriately as well. Please don’t fuck this up WWE.

-At this point I’m beginning to think that the never ending Barrett/R-Truth feud is just a giant rib on someone.

-There was a lot to like in that almost 45 minutes of wrestling. First off, Cesaro once again looked like a boss in the ring. Even in defeat, he still managed to look great. Rusev wrestled the longest out of everyone involved and also came off looking strong. He’s another guy who deserves a push in the future. Owens came off as a great heel and Cena was fine in his brief role. Well played wrestling TV from all involved.

-You know if they didn’t do that damn Elimination Chamber special on the Network, they could have totally gotten away with a Chamber match for the US Title at either SummerSlam or Night of Champions. A match of John Cena/Kevin Owens/Cesaro/Rusev/Dolph Ziggler/Neville sounds pretty damn good to me.

-Not a bad ending to the show. Lesnar and Rollins both get over in the end. Rollins plays the chicken shit heel role so well. The story going into this Sunday is that Rollins is now standing alone. But you have to think that the IMMORTAL TRIPLE H will have some kind of effect on the outcome of the match. Outside of Rollins/Lesnar and the US Title, Battleground has kind of been built poorly. But Lesnar is the draw here.

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