Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 7.8.15 (w/Justin C)

lucha underground

-The show starts with Penatgon Jr, who wants to fight Vampiro at Ultima Lucha. His master says he must weaken Vampiro’s ego.

The Mack vs Cage

-This stems from Cage taking out Mack a few weeks ago.

-I’m sure if you turned on Lucha Underground for the first time with these two on the show, you wouldn’t get why it was named what it was.

-The Mack surprises Cage with a roll-up to pick up the win. This was only the second time Cage has ever been pinned.

-Catrina meets Son of Havoc backstage. Ivelisse tells her to back off, bitch. She throws Havoc into Ivelisse, when Angelico comes in and jokingly says he hopes they aren’t getting back together. They both say shut up.

-Pentagon Jr. does a sit down interview with Vampiro. Pentagon tries to get Vampiro to fight him but he continues to refuse.

Mil Muertes vs Son of Havoc

-Mil Muertes tosses Son of Havoc into a bunch of chairs on the outside then onto the announce table. Early on, this is being used as a display of dominance for Muertes.

-A second “This Is Awesome” chant from the crowd tonight. If there is one thing I hate about the LU crowd, it is their overuse of that chant.

-On the outside, the Disciples of Death take out Angelico while Catrina hits Ivelisse with the stone. Havoc takes out the Disciples, but Mil Muertes takes him out inside the ring to pick up the win.

-Texano makes a threat that he will break Chavo’s other leg at Ultima Lucha. The Crew takes out Texano only for Blue Demon to make the save. The Crew then gives Blue Demon  a chair and he takes out Texano. Demon says he is Mexico and doesn’t need Texano fighting his battles. But they will fight at Ultima Lucha.

Alberto el Patron, Sexy Star, Aerostar, Drago vs Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, Super Fly, Hernandez

-Typical LU action in the first half of the match with everyone hitting a high flying move or two at one point, but no team really getting the upper hand.

-There really hasn’t been a rest moment in this match which was fun.

-Alberto el Patron has the cross armbreaker on Jack Evans, but Mundo breaks it up with the End of the World. Mundo then catches Sexy Star off the top and reverses her for the pinfall victory.

-Pentagon Jr attacks Vampiro with a chair. He then douses him with gasoline and tells Vampiro he has one week to accept his challenge, otherwise his family will watch him burn.

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