Quick Hits: Ring of Honor 7.15.15 w/ Cameron Dougharty (Jay Lethal, Mark Briscoe, Matt Sydal

ROH TV - 2013

Ring of Honor is available to almost everyone now, a new war is brewing!

Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer v. Matt Sydal

: Sydal domainted the early portion of the match until Page threw The Decade’s towel boy Colby Corino into Sydal. For the record, watching that kid get pummeled each week is a great segment for ROH.

: Adam Page is a great athlete and sort of gets lost in the shuffle amongst all the great talent ROH has. He almost reminds of Lex Luger if he was a little smaller and could wrestle, of course.

: Sydal picks up the win after a great exchange between him and Page. After the match Whitmer attacked and Sydal and ACH after he tried to make the save.

: Veda Scott came out and cut a promo promoting the match between her newest recruit, Cedric Alexander and Moose after Scott betrayed Moose at ‘Best in the World’.

Silas Young v. Will Ferrara

: Ferrara wins the match after a decent back and forth until Dalton Castle’s boys caused Young the loss.

ROH TV Title Match: Mark Briscoe v. Jay Lethal (c)

: Mark, looking to avenge his brother’s loss to Lethal at Best in the World, kept Jay down and away from his game early on.

: It took the entire House of Truth group but Lethal hits the injection and retains his World TV title.

: Let me know what you guys think! Until next week, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and lets talk rasslin!