JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Battleground Thoughts

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King Barrett Defeats R-Truth

-Please for the love of all things sacred let this be the end of the feud. Barrett needs to move on to something of substance because he is capable of much more. He showed during his time in Nexus that he can be a top player.

Randy Orton Defeats Sheamus: **1/2

-Here was how this match went: Signature Move, Stalling, Rest Spot, Punch/Kick, Signature Move, Stalling, Repeat. The WWE is lucky this match took place in Randy Orton’s hometown because it would have been crapped on almost anywhere else. These two just don’t mesh well together in the ring. Orton needed the win because he has been stagnant for so long. But where does he go from here? I could see a heel turn on the horizon.

The Prime Time Players Defeat New Day To Retain The Tag Titles: ***

-That was a fun tag team match that was bumped up a 1/2 star rating because of the antics of Xaiver Woods on the outside. His trash talking throughout the match was great. I wish I could have muted the commentary and just listened to Woods. I’m surprised the PTPs went over here. It was a toss up for me but I thought New Day would win. I don’t know what is next for either team, but New Day should definitely have a match at SummerSlam.

Bray Wyatt Defeats Roman Reigns: **3/4

-If you thought Orton/Sheamus was slow, this match started off even slower. There was a headlock spot that went on for way too long. The match picked up towards the end and the crowd returned the favor by getting into it. Luke Harper reuniting with Bray is smart especially because they should have never been broken up in the first place. If Sting is getting involved with Wyatt, and Reigns isn’t turning heel, then I could see Sting/Reigns vs The Wyatts at SummerSlam. The match went from bad to good by the end.

Charlotte Defeats Brie Bella and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match: ***

-And if this is a sign of things to come, we are in store for some fun things in the Divas Division going forward. Charlotte and Sasha got their chance to hit their signature spots and NXT has given them exposure to the WWE audiences. Nikki and Alicia Fox almost dropped Brie hard on her head by not catching her properly. Sasha Banks is so damn good at everything she does. From her in ring work to mannerisms and character during the match, she comes off a a seasoned veteran.

John Cena Defeats Kevin Owens To Retain The U.S. Title: ****1/2

-I’m perplexed. I don’t get Owens losing unless they have something better planned for him. And I swear if I hear someone recommend Randy Orton I’m going to lose it. At this point that is a complete step or two down for Owens. Owens winning and then defending it in a multi-man match at SummerSlam made more sense then Cena winning and defending it in a multi-man match. The match was great, don’t get me wrong. And you can still play the “Owens looked good in defeat” card, but that means Owens needs a strong follow up and I don’t see how that happens.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins Ends In A No Contest When The Undertaker Interferes: **1/2

-What the hell just happened here? First of all, you have a non-finish to a WWE Title Match which I absolutely hate. Then you have The Undertaker show up and cost Brock Lesnar the Title, which makes him a heel. Lesnar beat you fair and square. Plus Taker waiting over a year and a half and had another match before getting revenge on Brock? I also have no desire to see Taker/Lesnar again. This isn’t ten years ago where these guys can have a great brawl. Taker needed a different opponent but instead we get Lesnar/Taker which makes zero sense at this stage in Lesnar’s WWE progression. And Rollins just becomes an afterthought? That was a weak ending to a much hyped PPV.

In the end, the last two matches left me scratching my head. I don’t know why the WWE is afraid to give their younger guys like Rollins a match against Taker. Even worse, we are very much staring at a Rollins/HHH WWE Title Match at SummerSlam. In one hours time, SummerSlam went from must see to possible dread for me.

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