JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 7.20.15

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-Yes, that was a fun pull apart brawl between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. But here is the thing: No matter what happens at SummerSlam, the result won’t matter in the end. If Taker wins, he gains nothing. Brock still ended his Streak and Taker gains nothing with a win. If Brock wins, Taker just shows up at Mania again next year like nothing happened. It’s a big time match between two part timers that will be average at best. And the end result? The WWE wonders why the ratings get low when they leave because they refuse to push their full time stars as equals to them.

-I actually think I liked the Reigns/Harper match a little better than Reigns/Bray from Battleground. I’m curious, if it is the route they go, how Sting gets added to this feud. I don’t know if it happens. But they should just go the tag team match route and I think they would be fine. I’m glad Harper is finally back in the picture.

-Ratings down? Cena’s merchandise sales down? What is the answer? PUT HIM IN THE WWE TITLE PICTURE AGAIN!!! This is just ridiculous. Look, I’ve enjoyed everything Cena has done since winning the US Title. But putting him in the WWE Title picture screams of desperation by the WWE. Once again, with people coming back to see Lesnar and Taker, the WWE fails to get new stars in the Title picture.

-Two solid Divas matches on tonight’s show. But really, can you please stop shoving the term DIVAS REVOLUTION down our throats. This is the type of overkill that makes your fans hate your announcers. But I’m glad there were two Divas matches on the show tonight and I do hope they get more time going forward.

-With the way he has been booked in the last month and everything that has happened to him, Rusev should be the biggest face in the WWE.

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