Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 7.22.15 (w/Justin C)

lucha underground

-Big Ryck is in Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto says recently they haven’t been seeing “eye to eye.” Cueto gives Ryck the last Aztec medallion. Ryck wants some cash too, so Cueto gives some to him.

Johnny Mundo vs Texano

-Aggressive heel Johnny Mundo is a lot more fun to watch then pandering to the crowd, weak babyface Johnny Mundo.

-Basic back and forth action until The Crew comes in and takes out Texano. Alberto el Patron makes the save and The Crew gets laid out like always.

-Dario Cueto tells Hernandez he is starting Ultima Lucha next week. Hernandez will fight Drago in a Believer’s Backlash Match, where fans will be surrounding the ring with leather straps. Hernandez tells Cueto he better have insurance, because if any fans want to touch him he will take them out.

The Mack vs Cage

-The Mack wins in under a minute with a quick sunset flip. After the match, both men brawl through the temple and beat up security as well.

-Cueto says next week, Cage and The Mack will fight in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. That should be a lot of fun.

Dario Cueto Announcement

-Cueto says that at Ultima Lucha, there will be a 7 way match to determine who gets the gift of the gods. It is a belt, that can be used to cash in for a future Lucha Underground Title match. But he needs a week to promote, not just a “here is this, cash it in for a Title match.” Everyone who has a medallion will be in the match.

-Big Ryck, King Cuerno, Bengalo, Jack Evans, Aerostar and Sexy Star are all in the ring.

-Dario Cueto says since Fenix hasn’t been seen since he was taken out by Mil Muertes, his medallion will go up for grabs in a battle royal. Fenix appears, but Cueto says he is too late. But Fenix can compete in the battle royal.

Aztec Medallion Battle Royal

-This is a Jobber/Who Got Their Arm Broken By Pentagon Jr Battle Royal.

-We get down to Fenix and Marty The Moth. The final 2 fight in a one-on-one match.

-As expected, Fenix ends up picking up the win and gaining the last Aztec medallion.

Prince Puma Segment

-Before Puma could say anything, Mil Muertes and Catrina appear.

-The Disciples of Death show up, but Puma takes them out. Man, if Puma takes them out, they shouldn’t win the Trios Titles.

-Puma and Muertes brawl, with Puma getting the better of Muertes and taking him out.

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