JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 7.27.15

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-I’m not the biggest Big Show fan out there, but I can live with that match he had with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose did a good job of selling the match and making it look painful. And Show played his part as the monster well. It was smart to not have Ambrose take a pinfall and as much as I hate saying it, he looked strong in defeat.

-Rusev got Summer Rae a puppy? This man is a mega face and I will hear nothing to the contrary.

-I don’t think I laughed harder at anything WWE related in a long time then I did watching New Day. It wasn’t only the “Real Mega Dad of the Year” sign, it was also the ridiculous clapping and dancing added to it. New Day is one of the best acts in the WWE right now.

-That Bray Wyatt went on for way too long and just felt like it had very little purpose. I really hope they are going with Bray as more of a cult leader than someone who has supernatural powers. From the start, he should have been a carbon copy of Raven. But even still, tonight’s promo just didn’t hit home for me. It just sort of ended.

-Another solid showing from the Divas this week. The Paige/Sasha Banks match was better than the tag match but they were both enjoyable TV.

-I like this little mid-card dynamic they have going on between Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kevin Owens and Cesaro. Part of me wants to see a Fatal 4 Way at SummerSlam, but ONLY if it has the Money in the Bank contract on the line. That’s because I would rather see any of those other 3 hold it than Sheamus.

-The ending to that Cena/Rollins match would piss me off more if Cena’s nose wasn’t busted as bad as it was. That thing was disgusting and I’m honestly surprised that they didn’t try to finish the match sooner. You have to give props to Cena for finishing the match but it could have ended much worse for him.

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