JC’s Top Rope Report: Ultima Lucha Review

lucha underground

Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron

-All the action starts on the outside, making the hatred between both men feel even more real.

-After about 5 minutes of fighting on the outside, both men make their way into the ring. That kind of unique start to the match is what makes LU fun.

-I don’t like Matt Striker and Michael Schiavello as a commentary duo so far. Basically, both men are doing play-by-play with no real color analysts.

-El Patron kicks out of the End of the World, which makes me a happy camper.

-Alberto goes for a superkick but Mundo pulls the ref in front of it. Alberto puts the armbar on and Mundo is taping, but the ref is still out.

-Alberto el Patron has the armbar applied in the ropes on Mundo, but Melina comes out and hits Alberto with the AAA Belt. Mundo then hits the End of the World to pick up the win.

-After the match while Mundo and Melina are making out, Alberto attacks Mundo then tosses him into the chairs and then through the glass of a storage door. He then spanks Melina. Fun match, ending was fine.

-Dragon Azteca comes to save Black Lotus. Dario Cueto is waiting, but Black Lotus chokes Dragon Azteca then what I presume was meant to “kill him.” Cueto takes Black Lotus because she is no longer safe, and has starten a war, and he also takes his brother.

Cero Miedo Match: Pentagon Jr vs Vampiro

-Vampiro comes out in an odd “dark” pope outfit.

-These two also start by brawling into the crowd. But this time it is because it is a No DQ match.

-Pentagon drops Vampiro on the concrete floor then smashes Vampiro multiple times with a chair.

-The match is stopped as EMTs tend to Vampiro and Matt Striker sells concern. Back from a break, Vampiro gets off the stretcher and goes back to fight.

-Vampiro brings out thumbtacks, and drops Pentagon on them. Vampiro goes to the top, but Pentagon moves and Vampiro ends up on the tacks.

-Now Pentagon Jr gets some florescent light tubes and smashes Vampiro with them. He then puts it into the skull of Vampiro.

-Vampiro turns the tables and tosses Pentagon into a light tube. He then smashes a light tube over Pentagon’s head and does a belly-to-belly onto the tacks.

-Vampiro gets a table and lights it on fire, but turns right into Pentagon who puts Vampiro through it to pick up the win.

-After the match, Vampiro tells Pentagon to break his arm. Pentagon then calls for his master, and Vampiro grabs the mic. Vampiro says that as Pentagon’s master, Pentagon is ready. For some reason, I felt this was coming half way through the match.

-That brawl was a little tough to watch at times, and I don’t like the light tubes in a match. And storyline wise, it made sense that Vampiro as master was testing Pentagon.

Gift of the Gods Match

-Basic multi man stuff early on, until Aerostar jumps off the top of the storage roof.

-Marty the Moth makes a creeper appearance but Sexy Star disposes of him.

-There has been a lot of weird/slow spots in this match. Big Ryck drops Sexy Star and just stands there, then goes into the ropes into a waiting chairshot from Daivari.

-Fenix wins with the Firedriver. Match was way too disjointed to be anything good.

Texano vs Blue Demon

-Melissa Santos reads a note from Blue Demon that says because of Demon’s legendary status, Dario Cueto has now made the match No DQ.

-Chavo comes out to stop Blue Demon, but he hits Texano with a chair and Blue Demon picks up the win. Chavo and Blue Demon hug afterwards. Not my cup of tea.

Lucha Underground Championship: Prince Puma (c) vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

-Both men brawl to the outside, where Puma uses Catrina as a weapon and chargers her heels first into Muertes.

-Smart match psychology, with Muertes trying to brawl on the outside early because of his size advantage, but Puma keeps fighting back until he gets powerbombed on the steps. Puma then eats a chair shot.

-The action has been non-stop throughout the entire match. There hasn’t been a single rest hold yet.

-Muertes ends up spearing Puma off the apron onto the table set up earlier in the match on the outside. They only caught the end of the table though.

-But that’s ok because Muertes powerbombs Puma through the rest of it.

-Puma fights back and hits the 630 splash but Muertes kicks out. Puma goes for it again but Muertes moves.

-Muertes hits the spear and Flatliner but this time Puma kicks out.

-Puma goes to the top, but Mertes meets him up there and hits the Flatliner off the top to pick up the win and become the new Lucha Underground Champion. Very good match.

-Dario Cueto and Black Lotus grab the money and leave, with the first look of Cueto’s brother masked. Fenix leaves. Marty the Moth has Sexy Star kidnapped and tied up and says she will soon meet his sister. Son of Havoc and Ivelisse leave together. Drago and Aerostar shake hands and leave. Pentagon Jr is with Vampiro. Someone puts on the Dragon Azteca mask and puts a ? on the LU sign, Dario Cueto is in the final shot with the lights in the temple turning off.

-That was a fun Lucha Underground season 1 and I certainly hope this isn’t the last. I’ll have a full review up later.

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