Quick Hits: Ring of Honor 8.5.15 w/ Cameron Dougharty

ROH TV - 2013

Ring of Honor is available to almost everyone now, and a new war is brewing!

: Roderick Strong cut a backstage promo demanding the next time Jay Lethal defends the title it’s against him.

War Machine v. The Young Bucks

: Hanson and Rowe, who make up War Machine, are a work in progress. But with a little better in ring work these guys are a Vince McMahon wet dream.

: I just absolutely LOVE the way Steve Corino yells ‘Superkick’. Can I get a ringtone, please?

: After Nick faked a leg injury, AJ Styles came down to help his Bullet Club brothers allowing them to pick up the win.

Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott v. Romantic Touch

: I can easily get behind Romantic Touch, just imagine Fandango with a lucha mask.

: Cedric is very innovative and he showed it as he easily picked up the win. After the match Veda Scott and Cedric tried to take off Touch’s mask until Moose came storming in to make the save.

Kyle O’Riley v. Adam Cole

: After a great back and forth between Kyle and Cole, The Addiction interfered in the match. Adam Cole said he had enough and teamed up with Kyle to take on The Addiction.

The Addiction v. Future Shock

: Cole and O’Riley looked like they never missed a beat when they were a tag team.

: Just when The Addiction were going to finish, Cole rolled up Kazarian to pick up the win.

: Let me know what you guys think! Until next week, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and lets talk rasslin!