JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 8.10.15

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-Cesaro in a suit looks like the perfect Bond villain. I hope somebody sees that in Hollywood.

-I don’t get making the Tag Titles match at SummerSlam a Fatal 4 Way match. New Day just beat Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons are barely promoted or shown on RAW. And this was after Michael Cole called the tag match between New Day and Los Matadores an important one. Sometimes you can make sense out of WWE things, but I can’t with this one.

-Your options are Randy Orton, Cesaro and Kevin Owens. Of course the WWE puts Orton in the WWE Title match later in the show. Don’t expose more people to these new guys on the main event scene at all. Of course, Orton making a crack at Owens weight has me worried there could be more to come in the near future.

-Ambrose/Reigns vs Wyatt/Harper at SummerSlam needs to be a Tornado No DQ Match or something. It can’t just be a regular tag match.

-Well done with the Green Arrow/Stardust stuff. Amell even looked good in the backstage interaction with Triple H. It’s proof he is a real actor and made the WWE acting look awful.

-The ending to that WWE Title match, with the Money in the Bank cash in tease, was really dumb. The set-up after Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick was too long and looked bad. I mean at least the crowd was excited for it, but everything took too long to set-up and kind of lead to a flat finish to the night.

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