Buy, Watch Or Skip: “The Kliq Rules” DVD Review

Kliq Rules DVD Artwork

The Kliq was one of the most influential and controversial groups in the history of pro-wrestling. Judging by the content of this DVD set though, it appears their entire story has been told.

Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Paul Levesque and Sean Waltman comprised a group of friends who have left their mark in wrestling history without ever appearing as a unit in front of a television camera during their in-ring careers. During the mid to late-90s, Shawn Michaels reigned as the WWE (then-WWF) Champion, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall dominated as Diesel and Razor Ramon before moving to WCW with Sean Waltman (aka the 1-2-3 Kid) and Hunter Hearst Helmsley was just beginning to rise through the ranks as a constant presence in the Intercontinental title picture. They had the ear of Vince McMahon when it came to creative decisions both for themselves as well as others on the roster. From the point of view of an outsider it appeared as if “The Kliq” were the ones running the WWF/E both on-screen and off.

Enter Eric Bischoff.

Suddenly, The Kliq was now on WWF TV as well as WCW TV. They were running the wrestling industry! Or so it would seem.

When listening to HBK et al tell their story, they believed themselves only to be extremely passionate about the wrestling business and lived & breathed pro-wrestling during their careers. Sure they knew they were influential but they never believed themselves to holding any more power than anyone else on the roster. They loved what they did and wanted to see their companies succeed. They rose to the top of the business by being dedicated and being the best and not by politicking.

But that is seemingly where the story ends. All 5 men became very successful with three of them already inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That’s it (according to the DVD).

Probably the most interesting part of this documentary was the inclusion of men such as The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shane Douglas and Vince McMahon providing the invaluable voice of the outside perception of The Kliq during the height of the group’s run. Bret recalling Michaels saying they could “rule the wrestling world” & The Undertaker comparing The Kliq to his own BSK Crew (which consisted of Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Brian Adams, Bryan Clark, the Godwins, the Godfather, Rikishi, and Paul Bearer) are samples of a few of the new gems that haven’t been released on DVD before. But just when it seems as if the documentary will dig deeper into this infamous group’s history, it backs off and moves on.

The entire documentary is nicely wrapped around the inductions of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash into the Hall of Fame. Seeing these friends now that they’ve largely been out of the spotlight, you see a group of men who enjoy each others’ friendship. Goofing off and telling jokes backstage, with their gray hair and (in some cases) beer bellies is a great portrait of what we, as fans, would like to see when our old favorites retire. Superstars that are still able to survive after wrestling while still being able to enjoy life.

The match selection for this set is what you would expect: every match the WWE Home Video library that could find that included these men wrestling with or against one another. While not a bad set by any means, the majority of the matches featured are ones that could be found on previous releases.

All in all, not a bad release from WWE by any means but also not one I feel I need to have in my collection. There were no major revelations or stories that haven’t been told thousands of times before. This will make for a good special on the WWE Network but I don’t think it needed much more than that.

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Result: Catch it on the WWE Network in a few months.