JC’s Top Rope Report: The Highs & Lows Of SummerSlam Weekend

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SummerSlam weekend is in the books for the WWE. It was a newsworthy weekend with NXT Takeover, SummerSlam, and RAW all having some newsworthy moments happen during it. I’m here to take a look back on the weekend and look at some of the best and worst of it.

Best Match: Sasha Banks vs Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship

-This one isn’t even close. Just when you think the women of NXT can’t top themselves after Sasha vs Becky Lynch, we get Sasha vs Bayley. To me, this one was the better of the two and may very well be my leading candidate for Match of the Year in the WWE. Who would have ever thought that a women’s match would be a MOTYC ever in the WWE, let alone TWO of them. But this one gets the nod because Bayley’s underdog story was so easy to buy into and get behind. And the video package before the match was great.

Once again the women of NXT told a great psychological story in the ring. Sasha worked over Bayley’s hand the entire match. Her stomping on Bayley’s hand while Bayley was in the Banks Statement was great. The ending sequence was great. It was Bayley pulling out anything necessary to win the match. Oh and the entrances were great too. It was just about as perfect as wrestling could get from start to finish.

It’s a damn shame that the WWE is botching the so called “Divas Revolution” on RAW because everything done on NXT with the women has been great. No one wants to see this group warfare or have Stephanie as the “leader” of the Revolution. Give the women a proper storyline. And let them have the matches they are capable of. I said the Bella Twins improved in the ring, which they have, but they are still light years behind the NXT women in terms of workrate. But we have to keep pushing the Total Divas stars because women are all interchangeable, right Kevin Dunn?

Biggest Surprise: The Dudley Boyz Return

-In the day and age of everything being leaked online in the wrestling business, it is very rare when we actually are truly surprised by something. That is why seeing the Dudley Boyz return on RAW to take out the New Day was great. The New Day may be the best act in the WWE right now. They are obnoxious and over the top and it is great. I hope soon they are treated as main event acts and get a push against some bigger stars.

The Dudley Boyz add instant credibility to the Tag Team Division. I also love that they are signed to full time contracts and aren’t just a part time act. They aren’t just a nostalgic act here for a few months. They are here to work with the other teams in the division. And we know from watching him in TNA that Bubba/Bully Ray could handle a singles run on his own. This is an old act coming back that will help everyone around them rather than hold them down.

Biggest Disappointment: Divas Elimination Tag/Divas RAW Segment

-As I said above, the Divas Revolution is failing in the WWE. It all started when Stephanie McMahon was the one to bring in all of the new Divas and tried to be the leader of everything. From the start, it should have been Paige recruiting Becky Lynch and Charlotte and bringing them in. Then the next week, Naomi and Tamina bring in Sasha Banks. And lets give them a storyline and talk about chasing the Divas Title. But no, we HAVE to have Nikki Bella surpass AJ when it comes to being the longest reigning Divas Champion. Why? Because we in the WWE are very petty and hold grudges against people forever.

The match at SummerSlam was a disappointment. Then the segment/match on RAW was bad as well. Then of course the crowd tried to get themselves over during it which will hurt all the Divas involved more than anything. No, you aren’t awesome, you will be the ones complaining in three months when the Divas aren’t getting enough time and have no one but yourselves to blame.

Then the best part was Nikki Bella saying WINS AND LOSSES DON’T MATTER!!! SERIOUSLY???? WHO ALLOWED THAT TO BE SAID??? It is a slap in the face to every wrestling fan out there. Also, please stop shoving the phrase “Divas Revolution” down our throat. How can something so well done on NXT be botched so badly in the big leagues?

Do We Really Have To See Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania Again?

-This Lesnar/Taker match exceeded my expectations as far as quality went. It is pretty much what the first one could have been had Taker not suffered a concussion five minutes into the match. While Taker definitely gave a full effort throughout the match, it was clearly visible that he was gassed about half way into it. But both men definitely brought their A game in terms of effort.

As for the finish, I’m still kind of mixed on it. If they are trying to play up Taker as the heel here, a simple low blow behind the ref’s back would have worked for me. I thought the ringing of the bell thing was a bit to contrived for my taste. In my world, I’m booking these two to fight at Hell In A Cell. Their past and current history makes a Cell match seem the most sense. With both of these men on limited dates, they should be used to fight different opponents and not each other multiple times.

Sting Is Fighting For the WWE Championship And I Am Okay With That

-Well, it looks like Seth Rollins is pulling double duty at Night of Champions. If there was any guy you wanted to do that, it would probably be Rollins. While Rollins has had some ups and downs, he has more than held his own as the WWE Champion. I think he will have a good match with Sting at Night of Champions. You know Rollins will bump for Sting and make the match good. Should Sting win the WWE Title? Probably not. He also should have won at least one singles match before going for the Title. But I’m not entirely opposed to a short Sting Title reign. Especially if it is used to transition to a Sheamus WWE Title reign.

I’ll have more thoughts on NXT Takeover, SummerSlam, RAW and everything else WWE related on the Wrestling Radio Show that will be recorded this Wednesday and up later in the week!

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