JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 8.31.15

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-Holy hell has this Dolph Ziggler/Rusev/Lana/Summer Rae angle gone down hill. This is absolutely the worst possible way this could have gone. It’s cheesy and bad soap opera writing. Why should Lana be upset that Summer Rae invaded Dolph’s privacy and went into his locker room without an invitation? You can’t do a Divas Revolution then write stupid shit like this.

-And now the Divas Revolution has been reduced to awful booking in the Beat the Clock Challenge. And why the hell was it not a DQ when Naomi and Tamina pulled Sasha out of the ring? At least the WWE wasn’t dumb enough to book Sasha to lose in under 1 minute 40 seconds. This thing is falling off the rails quick. Oh, why not have Nikki defend the Divas Title before her reign is over?

-New Day might be the best act in wrestling today. I seriously wonder if they just sit in the back and think of ways they can be more obnoxiously hilarious every week. I can live with them losing to the Dudley Boyz since it sets up a reason for the Dudleyz to get a match at Night of Champions.

-I was kind of surprised to see Kevin Owens go over Cesaro again in a rematch. My guess, and hope, is that they are setting up Owens to go after the Intercontinental Championship. Ryback is presumably done with Big Show and I pray he is also done with Miz.

-I’m pretty sure the person put over most on this show was Triple H. What the hell was going on with that? When did Triple H become such a powerful and influential person in the wrestling business? Unless Sting and John Cena are doing this to plant seeds of dissension in the Authority. But the WWE doesn’t think that far in advance for storyline purposes. Rollins pulls double duty at Night of Champions, and it would at least give him an out if he were to lose the WWE Title to Sting (which I still don’t think is likely).