JC’s Top Rope Report: Night of Champions Thoughts

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Stardust and The Ascension Defeat Neville and Lucha Dragons

-It seems like they are just extending this program until we get another Stardust/Amell match. Maybe they try to keep it going until Survivor Series and do an 8 man elimination tag.

Kevin Owens Defeats Ryback to Win the Intercontinental Title

-Smart move by the WWE to put the IC Title on Owens here. Despite Ryback continuing to be over (which is still a surprise to me), he really wasn’t going anywhere or doing anything of worth with the IC Title. Hopefully Owens can turn into the fighting Champion that the WWE wanted Daniel Bryan to be when he won the Title. Good match psychology to with Owens working the arm all match and using smart ring positioning to pick up the win.

Dolph Ziggler Defeats Rusev

-The booking of Rusev has been so bad over the last few months. I really want him out of this Ziggler feud and onto something, ANYTHING else. It’s the curse of John Cena: A young star gets put into a feud with him, then fails to make an impact after losing to Cena. Ziggler has come off as the douchebag in this feud too. He brags about a relationship with someone else’s ex, that is a total heel move.

The Dudley Boyz Defeat New Day via DQ, New Day retains the Tag Titles

-I pretty much expected an outcome like this. The Dudleyz weren’t winning the Tag Titles in their first shot back in the WWE. This builds the heat up for the likely rematch at Hell In A Cell. Xaiver Woods playing the Rocky theme on the trombone outside the ring was great and the best part of the match.

Charlotte Defeats Nikki Bella to WIN the Divas Championship

-A very good women’s wrestling match, especially for WWE Diva standards (not NXT). I’m also a sucker for match psychology so I liked Nikki working over the leg and Charlotte selling it. Nikki gets a lot of crap from people but she showed in this match why she’s very much improved since her initial WWE run. I’m assuming there is a rematch down the line and I’m still under the assumption that the Title transition goes from Charlotte to Sasha, maybe even wait until Wrestlemania.

The Wyatt Family Defeats Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho

-Jericho as the third man was a bit of a letdown for me. Bray beat Jericho in a program last year. I mean at least there was back history there, but I was actually a bit let down. Plus Jericho has lost some of his luster. It was just an okay match, and it seems like they are teasing a Jericho vs Ambrose/Reigns rivalry which would be fine with me as a use for Jericho. I still think this program could end inside the Cell with the way it has been built, but I don’t know if the WWE would do three Cell matches in one night.

John Cena Defeats Seth Rollins to WIN the United States Championship

-Good match between these two, as you would expect. I was surprised Cena went over as clean as he did. I was expecting him to win, but I thought something fishy would go into it. Cena acting like a dick after the match didn’t make any sense at all. The WWE is booking their heels to be more sympathetic than their faces.

Seth Rollins Defeats Sting to Retain the WWE Championship

-The match was going along at a fine pace until Sting got hurt at the end. It looked like he was concussed, so kudos to him for finishing the match. The Cena match was obviously better but Sting showed up in shape and the match was fine. Hopefully Sting is okay. I didn’t like the ending at all. Kane ending a PPV on top in 2015 makes no sense. Hooray for new stars! I’d rather see Sheamus cash in then Kane end a PPV like that.

Overall, the show just felt like a glorified RAW. The Divas match and Cena/Rollins were good, but everything else was just okay. From a match outcome stand point I would say the right calls were made all around, except for Ziggler winning but that is probably just due to my Rusev love. Average show at best, probably in the bottom half of WWE PPVs this year.

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