JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 9.21.15

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-I’m glad to see that the WWE is FINALLY breaking up the team thing when it comes to the Divas. You could tell by Paige’s reactions that she was getting frustrated by Charlotte getting the attention in recent weeks. I thought her promo was good. There were obviously some behind the scenes jabs thrown in as well. I could see Paige turning into the “Lone Wolf” of the women’s division. Nice storyline development here.

-Really starting to get annoyed with the immediate rematch thing the night after a PPV. So Stardust and the Ascension win at Night of Champions, but Neville and Lucha Dragons win on RAW. Dolph Ziggler wins at Night of Champions, Rusev wins on RAW. Why does everything have to be so even/steven in the WWE. This is why the WWE has such a tough time building up people when everything ends up 50/50 at the end.

-Remember when I said Cesaro could be a possible Royal Rumble winner about a month ago? Haha just kidding. What has happened to Cesaro in the last month is just a sign that the WWE has no idea how to make new stars in today’s wrestling culture. This is now the SECOND time in the last two years that Cesaro has had the fans behind him and the WWE found a way to screw it up.

-So having one extra day of rest made Randy Orton better? Why didn’t Orton just agree to be the partner of Ambrose and Reigns last night? If Jericho was just going to be a one off appearance I also think that is dumb. If Orton comes back last night, they could at least build this up to a Cell match in October.

-So John Cena no sells Eddie Guerrero’s finisher, the Frog Splash, then beats the WWE Champion clean for the second night in a row. Then Kane drags Seth Rollins under the ring to close the show. The main event scene is going to get rather depressing  in the WWE this month. And the two guys who are main eventing Hell In A Cell probably won’t be around for another couple weeks. This is getting annoying.

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