JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 10.5.15

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-Great, so if Demon Kane loses at Hell In A Cell then Corporate Kane is fired. This storyline just keeps getting worse. Because that likely means Demon Kane is sticking around for the foreseeable future. And he looks awful in his current get up. I may be more sick of Kane than Big Show at this point. But it is pretty close to equal.

-Oh yes it’s October, so the WWE will shove down our throats how much they support breast cancer. Look, I’m all for finding a cure for cancer. It sucks. But the WWE goes way overboard when it comes to their shameless shilling of themselves. Leave the middle rope pink, but don’t make all of your wrestlers wear pink shirts and talk about it every segment.

-It was an improvement on the wrestling when it came to the Divas this week, but I swear the “stories”written for them must come from a writer’s high school daughter. Plus Nikki took it way too far with the cheap heat tonight. How many times did she say Yankees rule/Red Sox suck during that time span? If you gave some actual stories to these women maybe they would be a little better off at this point.

-I’m still surprised that the WWE just isn’t doing a 6 man tag inside the Cell. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns have not put on the best singles matches. They don’t work well together. Add Orton and Ambrose, then Strouwman and Harper and you have non-stop action throughout. Is Bray going to apply three headlocks during the match to slow things down again?

-Mna, I was ready to bitch about Big E losing to Cena again. But then the WWE goes and puts them over as a serious threat to end the show. It is something the WWE needed to do with the New Day. They are great in their current role, but they need to be seen as a threat if people want to take them seriously as top threats. Tonight was a start. Now they need to follow up on it. Kofi taking the U.S. Title off Cena next week would be a great start.

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